Handheld Blood Glucose Meter

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Model Number: NH-46520

Brand: Niche Healthcare

A blood glucose meter is a medical device used to measure the concentration of glucose (sugar) in a small drop of blood. These devices are commonly used by individuals with diabetes.


Blood glucose meter is designed to measure and monitor blood glucose value.
Easy to operate: Insert a test strip, let test strip absorb little blood from fingertips, the test result will show up after meter counting few seconds.
Auto coding.
Average calculation: display 7/14/21/28 days average, easy to compare period changes of blood glucose.
Nine-pin electrodes design: safe and stable testing, accurate measurement results.
Bi-directional blood sucking: eliminate HCT interference and temperature interference, easy to operate.
Siphon strip: less blood collection, instant suction.
Test scenario setting: Can be marked before a meal, after a meal, the test value of quality control fluid.
Alternative site to test: have no difference from fingerstick test, reduce patient pain.
Auto ejector: hygienic contact.
Bluetooth available.


A blood glucose meter is a medical device used to measure the concentration of glucose (sugar) in a small drop of blood. These devices are commonly used by individuals with diabetes to monitor and manage their blood sugar levels. Monitoring blood glucose levels is crucial for people with diabetes to make informed decisions about medication, diet, and lifestyle choices.

Here’s how a typical blood glucose meter works:

Blood Sample Collection: A small blood sample is obtained by pricking the skin with a lancet, usually on the fingertip. Some meters allow testing on alternate sites, such as the palm or forearm.

Test Strip Insertion: The blood sample is placed on a disposable test strip that is inserted into the meter. These strips contain chemicals that react with glucose in the blood.

Chemical Reaction: The glucose on the test strip reacts with enzymes, producing a measurable signal. The strength of this signal is directly proportional to the glucose concentration in the blood.

Measurement: The meter reads the signal and converts it into a numerical value, representing the blood glucose level. The result is typically displayed on a digital screen.

Record Keeping: Many blood glucose meters have memory functions, allowing users to store and review past readings. This feature is helpful for tracking trends and sharing information with healthcare providers.

It’s important for individuals with diabetes to check their blood sugar levels regularly, especially before meals, after meals, and at various times during the day, as recommended by their healthcare provider. The results help them make adjustments to their insulin or medication dosage, dietary choices, and physical activity to maintain blood sugar levels within a target range.

Blood glucose meters come in various models, and some may have additional features, such as the ability to connect to smartphones for data tracking or to share data with healthcare providers. When using a blood glucose meter, it’s essential to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for accurate and reliable results.

If you have questions about managing your blood sugar levels or using a blood glucose meter, it’s crucial to consult with your healthcare provider or a diabetes educator for personalized guidance.


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