Handheld Foetal Doppler

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Model Number: NH-47890

Brand: Niche Healthcare

Handheld foetal doppler helps pregnant women  listen and track the baby’s heartbeat.
Handheld foetal doppler consists of a main body and a probe.  It has a 36x28mm TFT LCD colour screen, big and clear to check data.


High sensitivity and easy to operate.    
2 minutes automatic shutdown.    
Sound alarm when FRM is not the normal range.
Display mode: graphic and data.
Measuring mode: real-time and average time.
Ultrasound frequency: 2.5MHz
FHR measurement range: 50-210bmp
Dimension: 136x35x105mm
Product weight: 0.25kg (with battery)
Battery Type: AA*3, rechargeable.


A handheld foetal Doppler is a medical device used to listen to the foetal heartbeat during pregnancy. It uses Doppler ultrasound technology to detect and amplify the sound of the foetal heart, allowing expectant parents, healthcare professionals, and sometimes even midwives to monitor the baby’s heartbeat. This type of device is often used for reassurance and bonding during pregnancy.

Here’s how a handheld foetal Doppler typically works:

Ultrasound Waves: The Doppler device emits ultrasound waves through a transducer or probe.

Reflection of Sound Waves: When the ultrasound waves encounter movement, such as the beating heart, they reflect back toward the transducer.

Doppler Effect: The Doppler effect causes a change in the frequency of the reflected waves, and this change is translated into an audible sound.

Sound Amplification: The device amplifies the sound of the foetal heartbeat, making it audible through a speaker or headphones.

Listening Experience: The user, whether it’s the expectant parent or a healthcare professional, can listen to the amplified sound of the foetal heart.

It’s important to note that while a handheld foetal Doppler can provide a reassuring experience for parents to hear their baby’s heartbeat at home, it’s not a substitute for professional medical monitoring. Healthcare providers use more advanced equipment during prenatal check-ups to assess various aspects of foetal well-being.

Here are a few considerations:

Timing: The foetal heartbeat may not be detectable with a Doppler until later in the pregnancy, usually around 10 to 12 weeks or later.

Location: Finding the foetal heartbeat can sometimes be challenging, and it depends on factors such as the baby’s position, the mother’s body size, and the experience of the person using the Doppler.

Professional Guidance: It’s advisable to use a handheld foetal Doppler under the guidance of healthcare professionals who can provide proper instructions and ensure its safe and appropriate use.

While handheld foetal Dopplers are generally safe when used as directed, excessive or unnecessary use should be avoided. If there are concerns about the baby’s well-being or if there are changes in foetal movement patterns, it’s important to contact a healthcare provider for a thorough evaluation.


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Handheld foetal doppler help pregnant women to listen and track the baby’s heartbeat.
Handheld foetal doppler consists of a main body and a probe.  It has a 36x28mm TFT LCD colour screen, big and clear to check data.

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