Handheld Mini Mesh Nebulizer

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Model Number: NH-15043

Brand: Niche Healthcare


Feature & Benefits

  • Safety: automatic shutdown without water.
  • Speed regulation: two gear regulation, controllable atomization speed.
  • More quiet: through piezoelectric components, the low noise design is more quiet.
  • Less residue: medical microporous atomized tablets, liquid residue ≤ 0.1ml, economical in use.


Handheld mini mesh nebulizers offer several healthcare benefits within the National Health Service (NHS) and similar healthcare systems:

  1. Portability and Convenience: Mini mesh nebulizers are compact and lightweight, making them highly portable. Patients can easily carry them in a purse, pocket, or bag, allowing for convenient use both at home and while traveling. This portability ensures that patients can receive their prescribed medication whenever and wherever they need it, promoting better adherence to treatment regimens.

  2. Improved Medication Delivery: Like larger nebulizers, mini mesh nebulizers convert liquid medication into a fine mist, which can be inhaled directly into the lungs. This method of medication delivery is particularly beneficial for patients with respiratory conditions such as asthma, COPD, or cystic fibrosis, as it ensures effective distribution of medication throughout the airways.

  3. Reduced Treatment Time: Mini mesh nebulizers typically have faster treatment times compared to traditional compressor-based nebulizers. This means that patients can complete their medication treatments more quickly, which may improve overall treatment compliance and patient satisfaction.

  4. Quiet Operation: Many mini mesh nebulizers operate quietly, which can be advantageous for patients who are sensitive to noise or who wish to use the nebulizer discreetly in public settings. This feature enhances patient comfort and may encourage more frequent use of the device.

  5. Low Maintenance Requirements: Mini mesh nebulizers often have fewer parts and require less maintenance compared to larger nebulizers. This simplicity makes them easier for patients to clean and maintain, reducing the likelihood of equipment malfunction and ensuring consistent performance over time.

  6. Cost-Effectiveness: While the initial cost of mini mesh nebulizers may be higher than some traditional nebulizers, their long-term cost-effectiveness should be considered. The portability, ease of use, and durability of mini mesh nebulizers can lead to savings in healthcare resources over time by reducing the need for hospital admissions and emergency room visits related to poorly managed respiratory conditions.



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