HCG Test Strips- Laboratory

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Model Number: NH-65734

Brand: Niche Healthcare

This rapid immunoassay for the qualitative detection of HCG (human chronic gonadotropin) in urine provides results in minutes. The compact strip test offers “dip and read” simplicity with 25 mIU/mL sensitivity.


HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) test strips are diagnostic tools designed to detect the presence of HCG, a hormone produced during pregnancy, in urine. These strips are commonly used for at-home pregnancy testing and in clinical settings. The HCG hormone is secreted by the placenta shortly after a fertilized egg attaches to the uterine lining.

Here are some key points about HCG test strips:

Purpose: HCG test strips are used to determine pregnancy by detecting the presence of HCG in urine.

At-Home Pregnancy Testing: These strips are widely used for at-home pregnancy tests, allowing individuals to quickly and conveniently check for the early signs of pregnancy.

Clinical Use: In healthcare settings, HCG test strips are used as a preliminary screening tool to confirm pregnancy. They are often part of routine pregnancy testing.

Detection Method: The test strips typically use an immunochromatographic method, where antibodies on the strip react with HCG in the urine, causing a visible change (such as colour) on the strip.

Sensitivity and Accuracy: The sensitivity of HCG test strips varies, and they are generally more accurate when used a few days after a missed period.

Instructions for Use: Users typically follow specific instructions for using the test strips, such as collecting a urine sample in a cup and then dipping the strip into the sample.

Results: The appearance of specific lines or symbols on the test strip indicates whether HCG is present in the urine, and thus, whether pregnancy is likely.

While HCG test strips are convenient and widely accessible, it’s important to note that their accuracy can be influenced by factors such as the timing of testing, the concentration of HCG in the urine, and adherence to the test instructions. If there are concerns about pregnancy or test results, consulting with a healthcare professional is recommended for further guidance and confirmation.


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