Hemostatic Forceps Tip Curved

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Model Number: NH-895941

Brand: Niche Healthcare

Disposable plastic hemostatic forceps is made of pp material. For medical use.

Plastic Hemostatic Forceps are used during surgical procedures to control bleeding. The ratchet handle allows the instrument to be locked on the designated artery so bleeding may be slowed or halted completely, allowing for suturing or other procedure to be completed. The jaws are curved and serrated.


Product name: Disposable Plastic Haemostatic Forceps Tip Curved

Size: 15cm

Colour: dark blue

Package: bulk or sterile individual pack.


Haemostatic forceps with curved tips are surgical instruments specifically designed for clamping blood vessels or tissues during various medical procedures to control bleeding. These forceps, commonly known as haemostats or haemostatic clamps, have a curved tip configuration, allowing for better access and manoeuvrability in certain surgical scenarios.

Key features and considerations regarding hemostatic forceps with curved tips:

Curved Tip Design:

The curved tip design allows for enhanced precision and accessibility when clamping blood vessels or tissues, especially in anatomical areas with limited visibility.

Serrated Jaws:

The jaws of the forceps often have serrations or grooves, providing a firm and secure grip on the tissue or blood vessel to prevent slippage.

Locking Mechanism:

Hemostatic forceps typically come with a locking mechanism near the handles, allowing the surgeon to lock the forceps in the closed position. This ensures continuous pressure on the clamped structure.


These forceps are commonly made of surgical-grade stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant, durable, and suitable for sterilization.


Haemostatic forceps with curved tips are available in various sizes to accommodate different surgical needs and anatomical variations.


The curved-tip haemostatic forceps are used in a wide range of surgical specialties, including general surgery, vascular surgery, orthopaedic surgery, and more. They are employed when temporary occlusion or clamping of blood vessels is required to control bleeding during procedures.


Like all surgical instruments, hemostatic forceps must undergo thorough sterilization before each use to ensure aseptic conditions in the operating room. Autoclaving is a common method for sterilizing surgical instruments.

Single-Use or Reusable:

Depending on the design and intended use, haemostatic forceps may be either single-use, disposable instruments or reusable instruments that can be sterilized and used in multiple procedures.

Usage Technique:

Surgeons use haemostatic forceps by gently placing the curved jaws around the blood vessel or tissue to be clamped. Once in position, the forceps are locked to maintain consistent pressure on the clamped structure.

Hemostatic forceps with curved tips are versatile instruments, and their use is dictated by the specific needs of the surgical procedure. The curved design allows for better reach and manipulation, particularly in complex anatomical areas. As with any surgical instrument, proper training, adherence to sterile techniques, and compliance with established surgical protocols are essential for safe and effective use.


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