High Flow Nasal Cannula

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Model Number: NH-64638

Brand: Niche Healthcare

Frequently used with oxygen delivery system or humidifying water tank. 
High flow nasal cannula provides patients with a high-flow inhaled gas, that is adjustable and relatively constant in oxygen concentration, temperature, and humidity.


A High Flow Nasal Cannula (HFNC) is a medical device used to deliver a precise and controlled flow of oxygen or a mixture of air and oxygen to patients with respiratory insufficiency. This therapy provides a higher flow of gas compared to traditional oxygen therapy devices like nasal prongs or masks. High Flow Nasal Cannulas are commonly used in hospitals, especially in intensive care units, emergency departments, and respiratory care settings.

Key features of High Flow Nasal Cannulas include:

Flow Rates: HFNC delivers a high flow of humidified and heated air or oxygen to the patient’s airways. Flow rates typically range from 20 to 60 liters per minute or more, depending on the specific device and patient requirements.

Humidification and Heating: The system includes a humidifier and heater to warm and moisten the delivered air, preventing dryness and irritation of the respiratory mucosa. This is particularly important in patients receiving high flow rates for extended periods.

Nasal Cannula Design: The cannula is designed to fit into the patient’s nostrils, and it has soft prongs that rest inside the nostrils. The design helps minimize discomfort and provides a secure fit.

Adjustable FiO2 (Fraction of Inspired Oxygen): High Flow Nasal Cannulas often allow healthcare professionals to adjust the FiO2 to meet the patient’s oxygenation needs accurately.

Integrated Oxygen Blender: Some HFNC systems have an integrated oxygen blender that mixes oxygen and room air to achieve the desired FiO2, providing precise control over oxygen concentrations.

Comfortable Interface: The therapy is generally well-tolerated by patients, as the high flow of warmed and humidified air enhances comfort and reduces the sensation of dryness in the nose and throat.

High Flow Nasal Cannulas are used in various clinical situations, including:

Treatment of respiratory distress in acute respiratory conditions.

Support for patients with hypoxemic respiratory failure.

Postoperative care.

Management of chronic respiratory conditions.

The therapy helps maintain positive airway pressure and improves oxygenation, making it an effective alternative or adjunct to non-invasive ventilation methods. It is essential to monitor patients closely during HFNC therapy and adjust flow rates and oxygen concentrations based on their clinical response.

Healthcare professionals carefully assess patients to determine the appropriate settings and monitor for signs of improvement or deterioration. High Flow Nasal Cannulas can provide respiratory support while minimizing the need for more invasive interventions in certain cases.


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