High Flow Tracheostomy Cannula

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Model Number: NH-76492

Brand: Niche Healthcare

Frequently used to deliver oxygen to patient by connecting with oxygen delivery system or humidifying water tank.
Spiral hose length: 340mm
Interface diameter: 18mm


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High Flow Tracheostomy Cannula
High Flow Tracheostomy Cannula, with Fisher Paykel Connector


A High Flow Tracheostomy Cannula, often referred to as a High Flow Nasal Cannula (HFNC) or High Flow Therapy (HFT), is a medical device used to deliver a high flow of humidified and heated respiratory gases to a patient with a tracheostomy or through the nose. This therapy is designed to provide oxygenation and respiratory support in patients with respiratory insufficiency or failure. The device is commonly used in hospital settings, including intensive care units and respiratory care units.


Key features of a High Flow Tracheostomy Cannula include:

High Flow Rates: Unlike traditional oxygen delivery devices, high flow cannulas can deliver a significant flow of air and oxygen, often exceeding the patient’s peak inspiratory flow rates. This can help meet the patient’s total respiratory demand, providing both oxygen and positive pressure.

Humidification and Heating: The device incorporates a humidification system to add moisture to the delivered gases, preventing drying of the airways. Additionally, the gases are heated to body temperature, enhancing patient comfort.

Tracheostomy Interface: High Flow Tracheostomy Cannulas are specifically designed for patients with a tracheostomy. The cannula is connected to the tracheostomy tube, facilitating the delivery of the high flow of respiratory gases directly to the lower airways.

Comfort and Tolerance: The high flow of warm, humidified air is generally better tolerated by patients, reducing discomfort and irritation associated with dry oxygen delivery systems. This can lead to improved patient compliance and comfort during respiratory therapy.

Adjustable Flow Settings: Healthcare professionals can adjust the flow rates based on the patient’s needs, respiratory status, and prescribed therapy.

Oxygen Blending: The device often allows for the blending of air and oxygen to achieve the desired FiO2 (Fraction of Inspired Oxygen), which is the concentration of oxygen in the delivered gases.

High Flow Tracheostomy Cannulas are used in various clinical scenarios, including postoperative care, respiratory failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and other conditions that may require enhanced respiratory support. The therapy is considered beneficial in providing respiratory assistance while minimizing the discomfort associated with other oxygen delivery methods. However, its use is determined based on the patient’s individual needs and the healthcare provider’s assessment.


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