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ECG paper, also known as electrocardiogram paper or EKG paper, is a specialized type of paper used in electrocardiography to record the electrical activity of the heart over a specific period. The ECG paper is marked with a grid that helps healthcare professionals interpret the heart’s electrical signals and diagnose various cardiac conditions.

Here are some key features and information about ECG paper:

Grid Pattern: ECG paper typically features a grid pattern with horizontal and vertical lines. The grid helps measure time and voltage, enabling accurate analysis of the heart’s electrical activity.

Standardization Marks: Standardization marks on ECG paper help calibrate the recording by providing known reference points. This allows healthcare professionals to ensure accurate measurements of the ECG waveforms.

Size and Format: ECG paper comes in various sizes and formats to accommodate different ECG machines. Common sizes include 8.5 x 11 inches and 8.5 x 11.5 inches.

Speed and Sensitivity: ECG paper is available in different speeds, typically 25 mm/s or 50 mm/s, depending on the requirements of the ECG machine. The speed setting determines how quickly the paper advances through the machine during recording. Sensitivity settings may also vary.

Grid Configuration: The grid configuration on ECG paper is designed to represent time and voltage. The horizontal lines represent time intervals, while the vertical lines represent voltage. The standard configuration is 1 mm squares, with thicker lines every 5 mm to denote larger time intervals.

Recording ECG Waveforms: The ECG machine records the electrical signals from the heart onto the ECG paper. The resulting waveform includes the P wave, QRS complex, and T wave, each representing specific events in the cardiac cycle.

Paper Quality: ECG paper is typically coated to enhance print quality and prevent ink smudging. High-quality paper is essential for accurate and reliable recordings.

Thermal and Non-Thermal Paper: ECG paper comes in thermal and non-thermal varieties. Thermal paper is heat-sensitive and requires a thermal printer for recording, while non-thermal paper may be used with inkjet or laser printers.

The interpretation of ECG recordings is a critical aspect of diagnosing and monitoring various cardiac conditions. Proper calibration, standardization, and attention to the grid pattern on ECG paper are crucial for accurate analysis by healthcare professionals. It’s important to use ECG paper compatible with the specific ECG machine in use to ensure proper recording and interpretation.


High-quality paper grades provide optimum performance from the instrument’s thermal printer without causing residue build-up or premature print headwear


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