High Volume Suction Tip

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High-volume suction tips, commonly referred to as high-volume evacuation (HVE) tips, are dental instruments used to remove large volumes of fluids, debris, and other materials from the oral cavity during dental procedures.

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High Volume Suction Tip
High volume suction tip for surgical aspirators are recommended for procedures on adults. Ergonomic, non-slip grips make work easier for staff. While the linear shape keeps them quiet and promotes better hygiene and cleaning. Autoclaves at up to 134℃

High-volume suction tips, commonly referred to as high-volume evacuation (HVE) tips, are dental instruments used to remove large volumes of fluids, debris, and other materials from the oral cavity during dental procedures. These tips are an essential part of the dental suction system, providing effective suction to maintain a clear and dry working area for dental professionals. Here’s how high-volume suction tips are commonly used within dental settings:

  1. High-Volume Evacuation (HVE): High-volume suction tips are designed for efficient high-volume evacuation, allowing for the rapid removal of significant amounts of saliva, blood, water, and debris during dental procedures.

  2. Clearing the Operating Field: Dental procedures, especially those involving restorations, extractions, or surgeries, require a clear and dry operating field. High-volume suction tips help clear the field quickly, providing better visibility and improving the precision of dental work.

  3. Enhanced Visibility: By quickly removing fluids and maintaining a dry environment, high-volume suction tips contribute to enhanced visibility for dental professionals. This is crucial for accurate diagnosis and successful treatment outcomes.

  4. Preventing Aspiration: High-volume suction tips play a key role in preventing the unintentional inhalation or swallowing of fluids and debris by the patient, reducing the risk of aspiration during dental procedures.

  5. Comfort for the Patient: Efficient suction with high-volume tips enhances the overall comfort of the patient by minimizing the accumulation of saliva and other fluids in the mouth. This is especially important during longer or more complex dental treatments.

  6. Versatility: High-volume suction tips come in various shapes and sizes to accommodate different areas of the oral cavity and specific dental procedures. The tips may have a straight or angled design to access various regions within the mouth.

  7. Ergonomic Design: Many high-volume suction tips feature an ergonomic design to enhance ease of use and handling by dental professionals. The tips may have textured surfaces or flexible materials for improved control during evacuation.

  8. Attachment to HVE System: High-volume suction tips are connected to the high-volume suction system in the dental unit. Dental professionals can control the suction power to customize it according to the specific needs of each procedure.

  9. Disposable or Sterilisable: High-volume suction tips are available in both disposable and sterilisable (autoclavable) versions. Disposable tips are discarded after each use to prevent cross-contamination, while sterilisable tips can be autoclaved for reuse in accordance with infection control protocols.

  10. Routine Maintenance: Dental teams perform routine maintenance on the suction system, including cleaning and disinfecting or replacing high-volume suction tips. This ensures optimal functionality, infection control, and patient safety.

High-volume suction tips are critical tools in dental settings, contributing to the efficiency, safety, and success of various dental procedures. Their effective use helps create a controlled and comfortable environment for both dental professionals and patients.


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