Hippo Paediatric Examination Table

£5,400.00 ( £6,480.00 Inc. VAT )

Brand Description: Niche Healthcare

Model Number: NH-89729


The Hippo Paediatric Patient Medical Examination Couch/Bed Table is a safe, smiling hand-painted fiberglass exam table that can outperform and outlast other, wooden laminate, tables. It can hold patients weighing up to 400 lbs. Each table has a raised edge top and two large-capacity locking drawers, large enough to hold a paediatric scale.


Features of the Hippo Exam Table:

  • Bright, friendly design creates an engaging paediatric space.
  • Ideal for easy outfitting of an entire examination room.
  • Durable construction ensures longevity and ease of use.
  • Wide range of supplies and components provide everything you need.
  • Foot extension measuring 17″ x 15″.
  • Elevated back with gas spring, which stops in any position up to 45 degrees.
  • Easy-to-clean dove grey vinyl top made with 4″ medically approved foam.
  • Flush-mounted lift handles on both sides.
  • Deep foot inset for easy patient access.
  • Built-in paper roll holder holds 18″ and 21″ paper rolls.



  • Size: 1740*720*800mm
  • Frame: made of glass fibre
  • Surface: two sections, equipped with soft sponge mattress, PU cover, waterproof, easy cleaning, wear-resisting, mattress dimension: 1200*600*90mm
  • Backrest section: can be lifted up 0-25o easily
  • Side rail length: 1140mm
  • Drawer dimension: 420*370*120mm


What is the age range for paediatrics?

Children, by law, are those up to the age of 18. However, paediatricians (doctors specialising in the treatment of children) usually see patients up the age of 16. From the age of 16, patients are usually cared for by “adult” doctors, except in certain specialist cases. This happens all across the United Kingdom and not just in Hull.

In the ED in Hull, patients aged 16 or 17 can choose to be seen in either a children’s area or one of the adult areas. This choice should be made by the young person and their family depending on whether they see themselves as a child or as an adult.

Sometimes, we may ask patients aged 16 or 17 to go to an adult area if we feel this is more appropriate. On rare occasions, we may also ask patients under 16 to go to an adult area for the same reason. They will be cared for there by a children’s nurse.

Hospitalization is a stressful and threatening experience, which can be emotionally devastating to children. Hospital play interventions have been widely used to prepare children for invasive medical procedures and hospitalization. Nevertheless, there is an imperative need for rigorous empirical scrutiny of the effectiveness of hospital play interventions using play activities to ease the psychological burden of hospitalized children.

Play interventions to reduce anxiety and negative emotions in hospitalized children:


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