Horseshoe Gel Positioning Head Pad

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Model Number: NH-89500

Brand: Niche Healthcare


good quality Horseshoe Head Pad used in operating room
Supplying stable and comfort positioning
Dispersion of pressure, avoiding bedsore
Reducing operation time
Easy clean out. X-ray through
Good Bio-compatibility with human tissues
Polymer gel


Head positioning pads for surgery are essential devices used to stabilize and protect a patient’s head during various surgical procedures. These pads help ensure proper alignment and positioning, minimizing the risk of injury and enhancing surgical access and precision. Here are key considerations and features of head positioning pads:

Features and Considerations


Comfort and Stability: Typically made from memory foam, gel, or other soft, supportive materials to provide comfort and maintain the head in a stable position.

Hygiene: Materials should be easy to clean and sterilize to maintain a sterile surgical environment.


Contoured Shape: Designed to fit the natural contours of the head and neck, reducing pressure points and preventing strain.

Adjustability: Some pads come with adjustable components to fit different head sizes and shapes.


Pressure Relief: Aimed at minimizing pressure on critical areas such as the occiput and ears, reducing the risk of pressure ulcers and nerve damage.

Secure Positioning: Ensures that the head remains stable and does not move during surgery, which is crucial for precision.


Surgical Tables and Frames: Should be compatible with various surgical tables and head frames used in neurosurgery, ENT surgery, and other procedures.

Radiolucency: For procedures involving imaging (e.g., X-rays, CT scans), the pad should be radiolucent to avoid interference with imaging.

Types of Head Positioning Pads

Standard Head Pads: Basic pads designed to provide general support and positioning for a variety of surgical procedures.

Neurosurgical Headrests: Specialized for neurosurgical procedures, often designed to work with specific head fixation devices like Mayfield clamps.

Prone Positioning Pads: Designed for surgeries where the patient lies face down, providing support and maintaining airway patency.

Lateral Positioning Pads: Used when the patient is positioned on their side, ensuring proper alignment of the head with the spine.


Head positioning pads are a critical component of surgical procedures, contributing to patient safety and surgical efficacy. Choosing the right pad involves considering the type of surgery, the patient’s specific needs, and compatibility with surgical equipment. Proper use and maintenance of these pads are essential to ensure they function effectively throughout their lifespan.


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