Hospital Bed with Mattress Retainer

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Model number: NH-89477

Brand: Niche Healthcare


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Important quality control

* PP bed platform with integrated mattress retainer

* PP bed ends with safe lock with Φ65 bumper wheels


* Auto-regression (back section)

* X-ray translucent mattress platform (back section)

* Manual CPR

* Night light

* Emergency stop button

* Battery back-up

* Weighing system

* Nurse controller

* Utility shelf

* Trapeze bracket/pole


Technical Parameters

External size (LxWxH)          2085x1020x455-745 mm

Mattress platform           1925x990mm

Safe working load           250kg

Back-rest adjustment  0-75°(±10°)

Knee-rest adjustment  0-46°(±10°)

Trendelenburg      0-12°

Reverse Trendelenburg      0-12°

Technical Configuration

Linear motor        4pcs

Hand controller               1pc

5” Covered Castors       4pcs

L-shaped foldable side rail        1set

PP bed ends with safe lock with Φ65 bumper wheels  1set

PP bed platform with integrated mattress retainer        1set

IV pole            4 hooks, 1set

IV pole prevision             4pcs

Drainage hook       2pcs



Integrated PP bed platform, adopting advanced manufacturing technology.

4-5 section platform, enables independent installation and easy maintenance.

Enlarge the seat area when back part is raised, providing more comforts for the patients.

Reduce the depression of the sponge at the seat panel.


5” covered casters. TPR tire no worn out after running 10 km.

Anti-winding hard shell cover, united forming without bolts.

Pass dynamic test: pass obstacles 40000 times, under the standard 200kg load of the whole bed.


LG Chem fresh PP material, Plug in type.

Equipped with the bumpers wheel, diameter 65mm, preventing collision.


Horizontal corner bumpers at the outermost periphery of the bed to protect the bed and wall.


Platform integrated mattress retainer at the both sides of the back and leg section, with a boarder of 33mm height.


L-shaped foldable guardrail (Patent), bended tube, solid installing, 0 shaking, anti-pinch, ensure patient’s safety.


5 ward furniture favourites

5 ward furniture favourites.


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