Hot & Cold Gel Bead Eye Mask

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Brand: Niche Healthcare 

Model Number: NH-83679


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Cold Therapy

  1. Rejuvenate tired eyes by brightening eye area through blood circulation 
  2. Reduced puffiness/swelling under the eyes and on the eye-lid by calming inflamed areas 

Heat Therapy

  1. Relieves dry eyes by providing comfort 
  2. soothes sty’s on and around the eye 
  3. Encourage relief on sinus’  by reducing congestion from common colds and flu’s



Gel Bead Therapy- Used to provide comfort by conforming to shape of the body, providing a more personal, individual relief

  1. Soft, cushioned material for affected area 
  2. Flexible/mouldable, even when cold to fit all bodies/areas


One size fits all


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