Quaternary Ammonium Wipes

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Model Number: NH-01001

Brand: Niche Healthcare 

Quaternary ammonium wipes are used for surface disinfection of common objects and medical using.
With double-stranded quaternary ammonium salt (0.15%-0.35%), kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria.


Quaternary ammonium wipes, commonly referred to as quats or quat disinfectant wipes, offer several benefits in a healthcare environment. These wipes are formulated with quaternary ammonium compounds, which are effective disinfectants against a wide range of microorganisms. Here are the key benefits of using quaternary ammonium wipes in healthcare settings:

  1. Broad-Spectrum Disinfection: Quaternary ammonium wipes have broad-spectrum antimicrobial properties, meaning they are effective against a wide range of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other microorganisms. This is crucial for maintaining a clean and sanitary healthcare environment.

  2. Surface Disinfection: Quat wipes are designed for disinfecting various surfaces in healthcare facilities, including medical equipment, countertops, tables, chairs, and other high-touch surfaces. Regular use helps prevent the spread of infections within the healthcare setting.

  3. Compliance with Infection Control Protocols: The use of quaternary ammonium wipes aligns with infection control protocols and guidelines established by healthcare authorities. These wipes are commonly recommended for routine cleaning and disinfection practices in healthcare facilities.

  4. User-Friendly Application: Quat wipes are convenient and easy to use. They come pre-moistened and ready for application, allowing healthcare staff to quickly and efficiently disinfect surfaces without the need for additional dilution or preparation.

  5. Reduced Risk of Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs): Regular use of quaternary ammonium wipes contributes to the reduction of healthcare-associated infections. Disinfecting surfaces that come into contact with patients helps create a safer healthcare environment.

  6. Effective Against Enveloped Viruses: Quaternary ammonium compounds have demonstrated effectiveness against enveloped viruses, including certain strains of influenza and coronaviruses. This makes quat wipes valuable in situations where viral transmission is a concern.

  7. Safe for Most Surfaces: Quat wipes are generally safe for use on a variety of surfaces, including plastics, metals, glass, and non-porous surfaces. However, it’s essential to check product instructions and compatibility with specific materials.

  8. Compliance with Regulatory Standards: Many quaternary ammonium wipes comply with regulatory standards and guidelines for disinfection in healthcare settings. They may undergo testing to ensure efficacy and safety according to established standards.

  9. Fast-Acting: Quat wipes often have fast-acting disinfectant properties, allowing for quick and efficient surface disinfection. This is particularly important in healthcare settings where rapid turnover of patient rooms or equipment is common.

  10. Stability and Shelf Life: Quaternary ammonium compounds are known for their stability and extended shelf life. This makes quat wipes a reliable and long-lasting option for healthcare facilities, providing a consistent solution for infection control.

  11. Compatibility with Electronic Devices: Some quaternary ammonium wipes are formulated to be compatible with electronic devices, such as tablets and touchscreens. This allows for the disinfection of technology used in healthcare without causing damage.

  12. Minimal Residue: Quat wipes typically leave minimal residue after application. This is important for surfaces that come into direct contact with patients or medical equipment, ensuring a clean and residue-free environment.

  13. Prevention of Cross-Contamination: Quat wipes aid in preventing cross-contamination by effectively disinfecting surfaces and reducing the risk of transferring pathogens between patients, healthcare providers, and the environment.

In summary, quaternary ammonium wipes play a crucial role in maintaining a hygienic and disinfected healthcare environment. Their broad-spectrum efficacy, user-friendly application, and compliance with regulatory standards make them valuable tools in infection control practices within healthcare facilities.


Cat No.
Quaternary ammonium wipes, 15x20cm, 80 wipes


PPE - Niche Healthcare

PPE – Niche Healthcare


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