Individual Velcro Straps

Brand: Niche Healthcare 

Model Number: NH-76688


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Brand Unbranded
Colour Black
Material Nylon
Manufacturer ID 245071
Length (mm) 450
Type Hook & Loop Cable Tie
Pack Size 10

What are Velcro straps used for? 

It is very easy to add velcro straps to a POP splint.

With use of these velcro straps, it becomes convenient to reapply the splint in proper position when it becomes loose. This can also be done by the patient themselves. It also makes frequent change of dressing more comfortable for patient and surgeon. Premade splints of thermoplastic material are available with velcro straps, which provide the same advantages, but they are not custom-made for a patient’s anatomy or particular condition. Custom-made thermoplastic splints are made with velcro straps, but it requires a therapist to measure and ensure a good fitting. POP splints with velcro straps can provide an effective alternative in such conditions.

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