Infant Hand & Foot Print Ink Pads

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Model Number: NH-23100

Brand: Niche Healthcare

  • Light Blue
  • Light Pink

Comes in a pack of 14: 7pcs Blue, 7pcs Pink.



Store at room temperature. Keep away from extreme temperature conditions.

The hand and foot ink pad is a product is for creating memorabilia for parents and family when babies are born. They are used for replicating the tiny handprint and footprint of newborns as a keepsake. The ink pads are available in 2 colours: Blue and Pink where there is a choice for parents/caregivers on what colour they would like.

This product was designed to immortalise memories for the parents and even the child when they grow up, as no matter how big they get their parents have the fond memory of how small they once were. This product helps capture emotional memories and experiences. It makes parents realise that their children do not stay young forever and it is nice to have a sentimental picture to reminisce over for years beyond.

Instructions For Use:

1. Gently clean the infants foot/hand and let dry.
2. One the ink pad and remove the outer packaging.
3. Place a sheet of card over the front of the ink pad, with the flat side at the back.
4. Carefully place the hand/foot onto the ink pad and apply gentle pressure. The hand/foot should not
come directly into contact with the ink side of the pad.
5. Hold the hand/foot down for up to 5 seconds and remove.
6. When the card is removed, the print should be complete.
7. Allow a couple of seconds for the print to completely dry.
8. Repeat the process for second print.
9. After completing both prints, dispose of the ink pad.

  • The ink should not come into direct contact with the infants skin. However, if contact is made, rinse the area/s with water and soap, if available. Monitor the area for any signs of irritation. In event of irritation to the skin, seek medical advice.
  • If the ink comes into contact with the eyes, immediately wash out with clean water. Rinse thoroughly until the eyes are clean. If irritation occurs, seek urgent medical advice.
  • If the ink from the pad comes into contact with the mouth or is ingested, water should be consumed immediately. Monitor for signs of irritation and/or poison, including vomiting, nausea and fatigue. If thee
    symptoms occur, seek medical advice.




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