Infant IV Armboard – Large

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Model Number: NH-58635

Brand: Niche Healthcare


An IV (Intravenous) armboard is a medical device used to support and stabilize an intravenous line or catheter inserted into a patient’s arm. It is typically made of rigid plastic or another sturdy material and is designed to be placed underneath the patient’s forearm during medical procedures involving IV access. They are made from a thick foam material for comfort and accessibility, accompanied with a Velcro strap allowing the device to be adjusted for different patients needs.


Infant IV Transfusion Armboard – Large


Features & Benefits:

Stabilization- Help stabilize the child’s arm during IV insertion and throughout the duration of treatment. This prevents the child from inadvertently moving or dislodging the IV catheter, which could lead to complications or the need for repeated IV insertions.
Comfort- The soft and padded surface of the armboard ensures comfort for the infant or young child. It helps prevent pressure points and skin irritation.
Convenient- Comes with 2 detachable velcro straps for effective support and assistance. Velcro straps can be detached from armboard for convenience and easily reattached for effective and safe positioning.
Efficient Care Delivery- The use of infant IV armboards can make IV therapy procedures more efficient by reducing the time and effort required to maintain IV access and administer
Reduced Risk of Infection- Proper stabilization of the IV site with an armboard reduces the risk of contamination and infection. A secure IV placement minimizes the chance of the catheter being pulled out or becoming dislodged, which could introduce bacteria into the bloodstream.

Are IV Armboards re-usable?
IV armboards are typically designed to be single-use disposable items. They are intended for one-time use and should be discarded after a patient’s IV therapy session is completed. There are several reasons for this practice, including infection control, safety, convenience and regulatory compliance.

Instructions For Use:
Once the IV catheter has been inserted and is secure, this is when a medical professional may use an IV armboard:

1. Place the Infant IV Armboard:
Slide the infant IV armboard under the child’s arm, with the arm resting on the padded surface.
2. Position the armboard in such a way that it provides gentle support and immobilization to the child’s arm without causing discomfort or pressure points.
3. Secure the Armboard:
Secure the armboard in place by using the attached medical Velcro strap, adjusted accordingly to each patient. Ensure that it is snug but not tight, and that it does not impair circulation.
4. A medical professional should advise how long the IVarmboard needs to remain in place.



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