Infant Phototherapy Unit

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Model Number: NH-94419

Brand: Niche Healthcare

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Technical Parameters

Power requirement   aC220V-230V/50Hz or aC110- 120V/50-60Hz, 150Va

Light source               Blue fluorescent lamp

Peak spectrum of radiant light resource     436nm

The total spectral irradiance on the effective sur face area         ≥ 15uW/cm/nm (for mobile model     ≥9uW/cm2/nm (for fixed model)

Average value general bilirubin radiation on the effective surface area      ≥ 14uW/cm/nm (for mobile model)            ≥ 10uW/cm/nm (for fixed model)

Uniformity of the total irradiance for bilirubin       >0.4

Dominant wavelength of blue light   420-470nm

Lifetime of blue fluorescent lamps     2000hrs

Adjustable range for the radiation angle of lamp module       0-60°up from horizontal (Only for Mobile model)

Adjustable range for the height of lamp module     1350mm~ 1650mm (Only for Mobile model)

Built-in timer range          0 ~ 99999.9 hrs


An infant phototherapy unit is a medical device used to treat neonatal jaundice, a common condition in newborns characterized by high levels of bilirubin in the blood. Phototherapy helps to lower bilirubin levels by using a specific type of light that converts bilirubin into a form that can be more easily excreted by the baby’s body.


Non-invasive: Phototherapy is a non-invasive treatment with minimal side effects.

Effective: It significantly reduces bilirubin levels, often within a few days.

Flexible: Various types of units can be used depending on the severity of jaundice and the baby’s condition.


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