Medical Insulin Infusion Set

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Model Number: NH-99969

Brand: Niche Healthcare

An Infusion Set is a medical device used to deliver intravenous (IV) fluids, medications, or blood products from a container, such as an IV bag or bottle, into a patient’s bloodstream. It typically consists of a flexible tube connected to a needle or catheter at one end for insertion into the patient’s vein. The other end is attached to the container holding the IV solution.



An infusion set is a crucial component in insulin delivery systems for people with diabetes who require insulin therapy. It consists of a thin plastic tube (cannula) inserted into the subcutaneous tissue, typically on the abdomen or thigh, and a connector that attaches to an insulin pump or other insulin delivery device.

The infusion set allows insulin to be delivered continuously or in programmed intervals, mimicking the natural release of insulin by the pancreas. This continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion (CSII) method, also known as insulin pump therapy, offers greater flexibility in insulin dosing compared to traditional insulin injections.

Key components of an infusion set include:

  • Cannula: This is a small, flexible tube that is inserted under the skin to deliver insulin. Cannulas come in different lengths and thicknesses to accommodate various body types and insulin delivery needs.
  • Connector: The connector attaches the cannula to the insulin pump or other infusion device. It allows insulin to flow from the pump through the tubing and into the cannula.
  • Tubing: The tubing carries insulin from the pump to the cannula. It is typically made of flexible, medical-grade plastic and comes in various lengths to suit individual preferences.
  • Adhesive patch: To secure the infusion set in place on the skin, an adhesive patch is used. This patch helps to prevent the cannula from dislodging and ensures continuous insulin delivery.

Infusion sets need to be changed every few days to prevent infection and ensure proper insulin delivery. The frequency of set changes may vary depending on factors such as insulin requirements, individual skin characteristics, and the type of insulin being used.

Overall, infusion sets play a crucial role in insulin pump therapy, providing a convenient and effective method for delivering insulin to people with diabetes.


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