Inoculation Spreader- Laboratory

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Model Number: NH-17423

Brand: Niche Healthcare

Inoculation Spreader designed for spreading and dispersing liquids across the surface of agar culture plates.
Used for performing bacterial CFU plate counts on water, milk, urine and other liquid samples.
These T-shaped spreaders have all smooth rounded surfaces to prevent any cutting or gouging of agar during inoculation of culture plates.
The T-shape design ensures even pressure is applied across the entire length of the T-bar in contact with the agar surface.


An inoculation spreader is a laboratory tool used for the even and controlled spreading of microbial cultures onto solid agar media surfaces. It plays a crucial role in microbiology and bacteriology experiments, aiding in the precise distribution of microorganisms for various applications such as bacterial identification, antibiotic susceptibility testing, and microbial enumeration.

Key features of an inoculation spreader include:

Material: Inoculation spreaders are typically made of materials such as metal or plastic, ensuring durability and ease of sterilization.

Design: The spreader is designed with a flat, rectangular or triangular surface that is used to evenly spread a liquid microbial suspension across the surface of an agar plate.

Sterilization: Inoculation spreaders are sterilized before use, either by autoclaving or by flaming, to prevent contamination of the agar media.

Handle: The spreader usually has a handle that allows for easy and controlled manipulation during the spreading process.

Even Spreading: The design of the spreader ensures that the microbial culture is evenly distributed over the agar surface, promoting uniform colony growth.

Variety of Sizes: Inoculation spreaders come in various sizes to accommodate different plate diameters and experimental requirements.

Disposable Options: Some laboratories use disposable inoculation spreaders to avoid the need for sterilization and minimize the risk of cross-contamination between samples.

Inoculation spreaders are essential tools in microbiological laboratories, providing a standardized and reproducible method for inoculating agar plates. They are widely used in routine microbiology work, research, and quality control procedures, contributing to the accuracy and consistency of microbial cultures on solid media.


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