Insufflation Filter Tubing Set

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An insufflation filter tubing set is a medical device used in minimally invasive surgical procedures, such as laparoscopy and endoscopy, to provide a sterile and controlled flow of carbon dioxide (CO2) or other insufflation gases into the body cavity to create a clear visual field for surgeons

Model Number – NH-04782

Brand – Niche Healthcare


The Insufflation Tubing Set provides the simple, cost effective answer to the significant problem of microbial contamination of pneumoperitoneal gas from cylinders and insufflators.
The use of filters to prevent microbial contamination of gas supplies and to eliminate the risk of blood and body fluids from entering valuable insufflation equipment.
Glass fibre free filter material. Modified white acrylic co-polymer cast on a nonwoven polyester support provides safe filtration to0.1 micron for the prevention of gas born particulate and microbial contamination.
Integral 3m patient connection tubing set with male lure lock fitting for fast simple connection to all standard cannula and verses needles


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