Insulin Pen Needle (Safe Type) Prickless

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Brand: Niche Healthcare

Model Number: NH-30600



The Insulin Pen Needle (Safety Type) Prickless is available in Blue; & Purple.


Insulin Pen Needle (Safety Type) Prickless

A “prickless” insulin pen needle refers to a type of needle that minimizes or eliminates the sensation of pain or discomfort during injection. These needles are designed with advanced technology to reduce the pain associated with insulin injections, making the process more comfortable for individuals with diabetes.

There are several features that “prickless” insulin pen needles may incorporate to achieve this:

  • Ultra-fine gauge: Needles with a smaller diameter (gauge) are generally less painful because they create a smaller puncture in the skin.
  • Silicon-coated or lubricated needles: Some insulin pen needles are coated with a thin layer of silicone or lubricant, which reduces friction as the needle enters the skin, making the injection smoother and less painful.
  • Penetration depth control: Certain insulin pen needles allow for adjustable penetration depths, so users can customize the depth of needle insertion based on their skin thickness and comfort level.
  • Needle design: Modern insulin pen needles may feature a special design, such as a beveled or tapered tip, to facilitate smoother penetration into the skin with minimal discomfort.

While these features can help reduce the pain associated with insulin injections, it’s important to note that individual experiences may vary. Additionally, proper injection technique, rotation of injection sites, and regular needle replacement are essential for minimizing discomfort and ensuring effective insulin delivery. Always consult with a healthcare professional for guidance on selecting the most suitable insulin pen needle for your needs.


  • Red sign provide visual conformation that the pen needle is activated.
  • Shield automatically locks after injection to avoid accidental injury.


  • Needle is hidden from view before and after use for a less intimidating experience.


  • Flexibility to work with most insulin pens on the market.


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