Integral Reflection Operation Lighting

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Model Number: NH-84767

Brand: Niche Healthcare


Product introduction

Integral reflection operation lamp can widely be used in diversified operation occasion to meet the demand of the illumination, and it is the ideal illumination instrument of the modern operating theatre.


Diameter of light head (mm)        700/500

Illumination at 1m (Lux)                 180000/160000

Brightness control range                20 levels adjustable

Colour temperature (Kelvin)          4500±250

Colour rendering index (CRI)          ≥85

Temperature rise (surgeon head)(℃)           ≤1

Temperature rise (surgical field)(℃)            ≤1

Total irradiance Ee (W/m2)             ≤1300

Radiant power Ee/Ec (mW/m2lux)         ≤4

Effective focusing depth (cm)           60-120

Lighting spot size (cm)         16-28

L1+L2 depth of illumination (cm)            ≥120

Bulb type             Halogen

Bulb brand          OSRAM

Bulb quantity     2+2

Bulb power        150

Average bulb life (hours)              ≥1500



It uses Osram imported lamp beads, the average service life is up to 1500 hours.


Temperature rise (surgical field) :≤1℃, this can avoid tissue drying due to high temperature and rapid blood clots at the wound, which will affect the operation.


The spring arm suspension system has six groups of universal directions and the 360° joint linkage is designed in an all-round way. It is completely positioned accurately and completely solves the drift.


Assuming that the main lamp has a light source failure during the operation, the system will automatically switch the standby bulb mode within 0.2 seconds, the light intensity and the operation area will not be affected at all, ensuring the normal operation of the operation.


5 ward furniture favourites

5 ward furniture favourites.


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