Cell Culture Petri Dishes

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Model Number: NH-73543

Brand: Niche Healthcare



Features & Benefits:

  • Made of high quality medical grade polystyrene
  • Lid design promotes effective gas exchange
  • External grip for easier handling (07-3035 and 07-3060)
  • Raised edges for convenient stacking
  • Vacuum plasma surface treatment ensures excellent cell adhesion
  • Smooth, transparent materials facilitate observation of cells through a microscope
  • Electron beam sterilized
  • Non-pyrogenic, non-cytotoxic
  • DNase & RNase free, human DNA free
  • TC treated



Cell Culture Petri Dishes spec

Cell Culture Petri Dishes spec

Cell culture dishes are a crucial component in laboratory settings, particularly in cell biology and biomedical research. These dishes are specialized containers designed to cultivate and maintain cells in an artificial environment outside their natural habitat, typically in a controlled laboratory setting. They come in various sizes, shapes, and materials, each suited to specific research needs.

Here are some key aspects of cell culture dishes:

  • Material: Cell culture dishes are commonly made from materials like polystyrene or glass. Polystyrene dishes are disposable and widely used due to their transparency, compatibility with microscopy, and cost-effectiveness. Glass dishes, while reusable and more environmentally friendly, are less commonly used due to their higher cost and fragility.
  • Surface Treatment: The surface of cell culture dishes can be treated to promote cell attachment, proliferation, and growth. Common treatments include tissue culture-treated surfaces, which are optimized for adherent cell cultures, and non-treated surfaces for suspension cell cultures or specific applications.
  • Size and Shape: Cell culture dishes come in various sizes and shapes to accommodate different experimental needs. Common sizes range from 35 mm to 150 mm in diameter, with rectangular, round, or square shapes available. The choice of size and shape depends on factors such as cell growth requirements, experimental design, and equipment compatibility.
  • Sterility: Maintaining sterility is crucial in cell culture experiments to prevent contamination and ensure reliable results. Most cell culture dishes are sterilized using methods like gamma irradiation or ethylene oxide treatment before use. Additionally, they are often packaged individually or in sterile packs to maintain sterility until opened.
  • Specialized Designs: Some cell culture dishes feature specialized designs to facilitate specific applications. For example, multi-well dishes (e.g., 6-well, 12-well, 24-well, 96-well) enable high-throughput screening and parallel experimentation. Chambered dishes with multiple compartments are useful for co-culture studies or creating separate experimental conditions within the same dish.
  • Compatibility: Cell culture dishes should be compatible with other laboratory equipment and techniques commonly used in cell culture experiments, such as microscopes, incubators, and cell culture hoods.
  • Quality Control: Quality control is essential to ensure consistency and reliability in cell culture experiments. Manufacturers often perform quality control tests to assess factors like sterility, cell attachment properties, and material integrity before distributing cell culture dishes to researchers.

Overall, cell culture dishes play a vital role in cell biology research by providing a controlled environment for the growth and study of cells outside the body. Researchers should select the most suitable dishes based on their specific experimental requirements and quality considerations.


Everyday laboratory medical equipment.

Everyday laboratory medical equipment.


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