Kyphoplasty Balloon Catheter

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Model Number: NH-60180

Brand: Niche Healthcare

The kyphoplasty balloon catheter is used in Percutaneous Kyphoplasty (PKP) operations to dilate the vertebral body and form a cavum to inject the bone cement.
Defined marker band on the shaft can help to identify the placement of the balloon tamp.
Bone marrow needle tip is designed to establish accurate channel for balloon insertion.
Symmetrical balloon shape and atraumatic tip contribute can avoid damages of vertebra wall.


Kyphoplasty balloon catheters are medical devices used in a minimally invasive surgical procedure known as kyphoplasty, which is often performed to treat vertebral compression fractures, particularly those caused by osteoporosis. Here are some potential healthcare benefits of Kyphoplasty Balloon Catheters in the NHS:

  1. Fracture Stabilization: Kyphoplasty balloon catheters are used to create a void or cavity within the fractured vertebra. The subsequent injection of bone cement into this space stabilizes the fracture, providing structural support and reducing pain.

  2. Pain Relief: By stabilizing the vertebral fracture, kyphoplasty can alleviate pain associated with the compression fracture. This can lead to an improved quality of life for patients by enhancing their ability to move and engage in daily activities.

  3. Improved Mobility: The reduction of pain and restoration of vertebral height through kyphoplasty can contribute to improved mobility for patients, allowing them to maintain a more active lifestyle and reducing the impact of the fracture on their daily activities.

  4. Prevention of Further Fractures: Kyphoplasty may help in preventing additional vertebral fractures by addressing the underlying instability and reinforcing the affected vertebrae. This can be particularly beneficial for individuals with osteoporosis, a condition associated with an increased risk of fractures.

  5. Shorter Recovery Time: Compared to traditional open surgical procedures, kyphoplasty is minimally invasive, often resulting in shorter hospital stays and quicker recovery times. This can reduce the burden on healthcare resources and improve patient outcomes.

  6. Potential Cost Savings: The minimally invasive nature of kyphoplasty, combined with potential reductions in hospitalization and rehabilitation time, may contribute to cost savings in the healthcare system.

It’s essential to note that the healthcare benefits of any procedure, including kyphoplasty, depend on factors such as patient selection, appropriate technique, and individual health considerations. Medical decisions and recommendations should be made by healthcare professionals based on the specific needs and conditions of each patient. For the latest and most accurate information on the use of Kyphoplasty Balloon Catheters in the NHS, it is advisable to consult with healthcare providers or refer to official NHS guidelines and publications.


Cat. No. Description Max pressure Max volume Qty/case (pcs)
NH-60180 Kyphoplasty balloon catheter, Balloon 6*10mm 300 psi 4ml 220
NH-60190 Kyphoplasty balloon catheter, Balloon 6*15mm 300 psi 4ml 220
NH-60200 Kyphoplasty balloon catheter, Balloon 6*20mm 300 psi 6ml 220


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