L-Shaped Cell Spreader

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Model Number: NH-59934

Brand: Niche Healthcare

L-shaped cell spreaders are ideal for spreading bacterial cultures evenly.
Flexible for easy access to small-volume tubes and dishes
Gentle on delicate agar or other surfaces
L-Shaped cell spreader is ideal for evenly spreading bacterial cultures; angled tip prevents damaging agar surface.
The L-shape allows application on the entire petri dish or plate surface.
Spreader are manufactured of PP.


Features & Benefits:

  • Made of medical grade polystyrene
  • Smooth surface quality and angled end reduce the risk of damaging the culture medium
  • L-shape allows application on the entire Culture Dish or plate surface
  • Two package options: individually wrapped (sterile), or 10 per bag (sterile, resealable)
  • Gamma radiation sterilized
  • DNase & RNase free, Non-pyrogenic



Cell Spreader Size Guide

Cell Spreader Size Guide


An L-shaped cell spreader is a specialized laboratory tool designed for the uniform spreading of liquid samples, particularly microbial cultures, onto solid agar surfaces within Petri dishes. Its L-shaped design allows for easy and controlled application of the sample, ensuring an even distribution for subsequent microbial growth.

Key features of an L-shaped cell spreader include:

  • Material: L-shaped cell spreaders are typically made of materials such as polystyrene or other plastics that are compatible with laboratory use and can be easily sterilized.
  • Shape: The spreader is designed in the shape of an “L,” with one arm serving as the handle for ease of manipulation and the other arm as the spreading surface.
  • Sterilization: Before use, L-shaped cell spreaders are sterilized, either through autoclaving or other suitable methods, to maintain aseptic conditions during the spreading process.
  • Handle: The handle of the spreader allows researchers to hold and control the instrument while spreading the liquid sample on the agar surface.
  • Even Spreading: The L-shaped design facilitates even spreading of the liquid sample over the surface of the agar, ensuring consistent distribution for microbial culture growth.
  • Versatility: L-shaped cell spreaders are commonly used in microbiology laboratories for various applications, including bacterial colony counting, antibiotic susceptibility testing, and other microbial studies.
  • Disposable Options: Some laboratories prefer disposable L-shaped cell spreaders to minimize the risk of cross-contamination between samples and eliminate the need for sterilization.

L-shaped cell spreaders are valuable tools for maintaining accurate and reproducible results in microbiological experiments. Their ergonomic design and efficient spreading capabilities make them essential for tasks requiring precision and consistency on solid agar media.


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Laboratory Medical Equipment


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