Leg Urine Bag with 500ml Capacity

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Model Number: NH-864567

Brand: Niche Healthcare

Leg urine bag with push-pull valve, 30cm tube, two strings


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Leg urine bag 500ml


A leg urine bag with a capacity of 500ml is a specific type of urinary drainage bag designed to be worn on the leg, providing mobility for patients who need continuous or intermittent urinary drainage. These bags are commonly used in situations where patients are ambulatory or semi-ambulatory, allowing them to move around while still managing their urinary output. Here are some key features associated with a leg urine bag with a 500ml capacity:


The leg urine bag has a total capacity of 500ml, indicating its ability to hold up to 500 millilitres of urine.

Wearable Design:

The bag is designed to be worn on the leg, typically secured with adjustable straps. This design allows patients to move around more freely compared to traditional bedside drainage bags.


Patients with leg urine bags can maintain a level of mobility, as the bag is attached to the leg, allowing them to walk or move within a limited range.

Tubing and Catheter Connection:

The leg urine bag is connected to a catheter or tubing that allows urine to flow from the patient’s bladder into the bag for collection.

Anti-Reflux Valve:

The bag may include an anti-reflux valve to prevent urine from flowing back into the catheter, reducing the risk of urinary tract infections.

Drainage Port:

The leg bag typically features a drainage port that allows for periodic emptying of the collected urine without removing the bag from the leg. The drainage port may have a closure mechanism to prevent leakage.

Straps and Fasteners:

Leg urine bags are equipped with adjustable straps or fasteners to securely attach the bag to the patient’s leg. This helps in preventing accidental dislodging or movement.

Sterile and Disposable:

Leg urine bags are usually supplied in a sterile condition to maintain aseptic conditions during use. They are often disposable and intended for single-use.

Usage in Ambulatory Patients:

Leg urine bags are commonly used for patients who are ambulatory or semi-ambulatory, such as those recovering from surgery or individuals who have difficulty using traditional bedside drainage bags.

Recording and Documentation:

Healthcare professionals use the measured urine output data for patient assessment and monitoring. Accurate documentation of urine output is crucial for determining the patient’s hydration status and overall renal function.

It’s important for healthcare providers to educate patients on proper use, maintenance, and emptying of leg urine bags to ensure patient comfort, hygiene, and safety.


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