MAM Anti-Colic 130ml Bottle 0+ months

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Model Number: NH-08346

  • With the perfect teat for breastmilk and formula – ideal for newborns
  • 130 ml bottle size – for when baby first starts bottle feeding
  • Reduces air bubbles and colic2
  • Flat soft teat – like mum’s breast when breastfeeding
  • With unique self-sterilising function – ideal for on the go


Spill-proof; doubles as a measuring cup

Unique flat symmetric shape – like mum’s breast when breastfeeding. Silky soft silicone surface – for a familiar feeling. 94% of babies accept our bottle teat1

Easy filling; fast & easy cleaning

Smooth flow prevents baby from swallowing air; reduces air bubbles and colic2


Anti-colic bottles are specially designed feeding bottles intended to reduce or alleviate symptoms of colic in infants, such as excessive crying, fussiness, and gas. Colic is a common condition in newborns, characterized by prolonged periods of crying without an obvious cause.

Here are some features commonly found in anti-colic bottles:

  • Venting Systems: Anti-colic bottles often feature built-in venting systems that help reduce the intake of air by the baby during feeding. These systems can include vents or valves that allow air to escape from the bottle, preventing the formation of air bubbles in the milk.
  • Angled Design: Some anti-colic bottles have an angled design that helps keep the nipple filled with milk, minimizing the ingestion of air and reducing the risk of colic.
  • Slow Flow Nipples: Anti-colic bottles typically come with slow flow nipples designed to mimic the natural flow of breast milk. This slower flow can help prevent babies from gulping air while feeding, which can contribute to colic symptoms.
  • Wide Neck Design: Many anti-colic bottles have a wide neck design that makes them easier to clean and assemble. This design also mimics the shape of the breast, making it easier for babies to latch onto the bottle.
  • Materials: Anti-colic bottles are often made of BPA-free plastic, glass, or silicone to ensure they are safe for use with breast milk and formula.


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1 review for MAM Anti-Colic 130ml Bottle 0+ months

  1. tylergilbert225

    I used these with my little boy! I will definitely keep using these in the future. They are the best brand I have ever used.

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