Manual Balloon Catheter Pump

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Model Number: NH-68932

Brand: Niche Healthcare
  • This medical balloon filling device is mainly used for hydraulic pressure on balloons to achieve the function of balloon dilation. 
  • Medical Balloon Inflation Device for balloon filling and contraction treatment with good sealing, high strength of materials, good safety


A manual balloon catheter pump is a medical device used to inflate and deflate a balloon catheter. Balloon catheters are commonly used in medical procedures such as angioplasty, where they are inserted into blood vessels to widen them and improve blood flow.

The manual pump allows the healthcare provider to control the inflation and deflation of the balloon by hand, providing precise pressure control during the procedure. This manual control is crucial for ensuring the safety and effectiveness of the procedure.

The pump typically consists of a syringe-like mechanism that is connected to the balloon catheter via tubing. By pushing or pulling on the syringe, the healthcare provider can inject or withdraw fluid from the balloon, causing it to inflate or deflate as needed.

Manual balloon catheter pumps are often used in situations where precise control is required, or where automated systems may not be available or suitable. They are an essential tool in many interventional medical procedures, allowing healthcare providers to perform delicate manoeuvres with accuracy and confidence.



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