Manual Paediatric Hospital Bed

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Model Number: NH-97534

Brand: Niche Healthcare

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Important quality control

* Baosteel from fortune global 500

* Extreme protection device, warning when tipped to the max position

* 2 functions manual

* USFDA approval



* Aluminium alloy flat tube, MDF material fire-proof plate. size of the head foot board can be customized.

* With carton photograph

* Plastic drainage hook, movable

* Foldable guardrail with protection handle, modern and beautiful, easy to install, easy to clean, anti-pinch, protect patient’s safety

* Oxygen cylinder rack – adjustable for any size tank

* Blocking

 Paediatric manual bed

Technical parameters

External LxW    1800x730mm

Bed height         500mm

Mattress platform          1580x660mm

Back-rest adjustment      0-75°(±10°)

Knee-rest adjustment       0-35°(±10°)


Technical configuration

Manual cranks      2set

Aluminium side rail with extra protection      1set

Aluminium bed ends with cartoon sticker      1set

Anti-slip bed feet cover       4pcs

IV pole      1pc

IV pole prevision      4pcs

Drainage hook      2pcs

Shoes holder      1pc


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