Manual Transfer Stretcher (Four Pieces)

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Brand Name: Niche Healthcare

Model Number: NH- 39000


The ‘Manual Transfer Stretcher has a single crank for height adjustment which turns via clockwise. Stretcher will go up by clockwise & Stretcher will go down by anti-clockwise.

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Features & Benefits

  • A type of manual transfer stretcher. Single crank for height adjustment. Turn by clockwise, stretcher will be up; Turn by anti-clockwise, stretcher will be down.
  • Bright arrow symbols direct the users how to operate clearly.
  • Central-lock castors, diameter 150mm. Matched with direction castor under the chassis, help users easy control the stretcher direction
  • Overall dimension :2050 * 710mm (L*W)
  • Height adjustment:875-570mm (Bed board to ground)
  • Size of bed board: 1900 * 610mm (L*W)
  • Back-rest lifting angle: 0-60o±5o
  • Four pieces dropdown protective railing, PP bed board produced by blowing molding
  • Net Weight: 84KGS
  • Standard accessories: Mattress, I.V. pole


Product Details

Product Type: connecting transfer stretcher for operation room.

Certificate: IS0 14001 & ISO 13485 & CE.

Material: metal-stainless steel & iron.

Colour: blue & white.

High-low: 875-570mm.

Net Weight: 82kg.

Back-rest lifting angle: 0-60°±5°.

Standard accessories: Mattress, I.V.Pole.


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