Mattress Overlay for Enhanced Comfort

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A mattress overlay is a supplementary layer that is placed on top of an existing mattress to enhance comfort, support, or address specific health-related needs. These overlays come in various materials and designs, each serving a particular purpose. Here are some common types of mattress overlays:

Memory Foam Overlay: Memory foam overlays are popular for adding an extra layer of comfort to an existing mattress. Memory foam conforms to the body’s shape, providing support and pressure relief. It’s particularly beneficial for individuals with back or joint pain.

Latex Overlay: Latex overlays are made from natural or synthetic latex. They are known for their resilience and durability. Latex provides a supportive and responsive surface, and it has natural cooling properties.

Egg Crate Overlay: Egg crate overlays have a distinctive contoured surface that resembles an egg carton. This design helps distribute weight evenly, reducing pressure points and enhancing airflow. These overlays are often used for individuals at risk of pressure sores.

Gel Overlay: Gel mattress overlays typically contain gel-filled compartments that help distribute pressure and reduce heat buildup. These overlays can be beneficial for individuals who need pressure relief and temperature regulation.

Air Mattress Overlay: Air mattress overlays use air chambers to provide adjustable support. They are often used for individuals at risk of pressure ulcers or bedsores, as the pressure can be adjusted to accommodate specific needs.

Water Mattress Overlay: Water mattress overlays use water chambers to provide support and distribute pressure evenly. They can be helpful for individuals with certain medical conditions or those who prefer a different feel compared to traditional mattresses.

Heated Mattress Overlay: Some overlays come with built-in heating elements to provide warmth, which can be soothing for individuals with arthritis or muscle tension.

Medical-grade Overlays: These overlays are designed for specific medical conditions, such as pressure ulcers or circulation issues. They may have features like alternating pressure systems or low-air-loss capabilities.

When choosing a mattress overlay, it’s important to consider the specific needs of the individual, including any medical conditions or preferences for firmness and support. Consulting with healthcare professionals, such as physical therapists or occupational therapists, can help determine the most suitable type of mattress overlay for a particular situation.

The air overlay is placed on top of the mattress

Our mattress overlay is suitable for long-term bed rest patients, fracture and cervical spine patients

Air mattress overlay supports the body, protecting the body from stress damage

24 air tunnel design, ventilation, cooling, dehumidification in summer, improve pressure ulcers

Thickened medical PVC polymer material, strong load-bearing, soft and stretched, not easy to slip

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