Universal Filtered Pipette Tips

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Filtered tips, also known as barrier tips or filter tips, are a type of pipette tip used in laboratories during liquid handling procedures. They are designed to prevent contamination of the pipette and the sample being transferred. These tips have a built-in filter, usually made of porous materials such as polyethylene or polypropylene, to act as a barrier that blocks aerosols and liquid from entering the pipette shaft.

Here are some key features and benefits of filtered tips:

Contamination Prevention: The primary purpose of filtered tips is to prevent contamination of the pipette and the sample. The filter acts as a barrier, blocking aerosols, and liquid from reaching the interior of the pipette during aspiration and dispensing.

Protecting Samples: Filtered tips are particularly useful when working with sensitive samples, such as DNA, RNA, or protein solutions, where even minute contamination can have a significant impact on results.

Aerosol Protection: The filter in the tip helps prevent the formation of aerosols during pipetting. This is especially important when dealing with potentially infectious or hazardous substances, as it minimizes the risk of exposure to laboratory personnel.

Ergonomics: Filtered tips often have a universal fit and are compatible with various pipette brands and models. They are available in different sizes to accommodate a range of pipetting volumes. The ergonomic design ensures a secure fit on the pipette and easy ejection after use.

Versatility: Filtered tips are suitable for various liquid handling applications, including PCR, molecular biology, cell culture, and general laboratory work. They come in different packaging options, such as racks or sterile, individually wrapped tips.

Pre-sterilized Options: Many filtered tips come pre-sterilized, eliminating the need for autoclaving or other sterilization methods. This is particularly important in molecular biology applications, where maintaining a sterile environment is critical.

Filtered tips are a standard tool in molecular biology and other life science laboratories where maintaining the integrity and purity of samples is essential. Researchers use these tips to ensure accuracy, precision, and contamination control during pipetting procedures.


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