Dental Silicone Rubber Mixing Bowls

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Model Number: NH-51481

Brand: Niche Healthcare 



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Material: Silicone

Application: Dental Area

Here are some potential healthcare benefits that different types of medical bowls might provide:

  1. Specimen Collection: Certain medical bowls are designed for collecting and transporting specimens, such as urine or blood samples. Proper specimen collection is crucial for diagnostic purposes and medical testing.

  2. Wound Care: Bowls can be used for wound care procedures, providing a clean and controlled environment for cleaning wounds, irrigating, or soaking dressings.

  3. Surgical Procedures: In surgical settings, bowls may be used for various purposes, including holding sterile solutions, collecting fluids during procedures, or serving as containers for medical instruments.

  4. Patient Hygiene: Bowls can be used for patient hygiene activities, such as providing warm water for bed baths or assisting patients with personal care tasks.

  5. Storage of Medical Supplies: Bowls can serve as convenient containers for storing and organizing medical supplies, facilitating efficient and organized healthcare delivery.

  6. Medication Preparation: In certain situations, medical bowls may be used for the preparation of medications, mixing solutions, or diluting substances before administration.

  7. Dental Procedures: Dental settings within healthcare may use bowls for various purposes, including rinsing and holding dental instruments during procedures.

  8. Fluid Management: Bowls can play a role in managing fluids during medical procedures or patient care activities, helping to prevent spillage and maintain a clean environment.

It’s important to note that the specific benefits of a medical round bowl in the NHS or any healthcare setting depend on its intended use and design. Healthcare professionals choose medical bowls based on their functionality, safety features, and compatibility with established protocols and procedures.


Dental Health Infographic

Dental Health Infographic


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