Medical Nasal Speculum

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Model Number: NH-857399

Brand: Niche Healthcare

Our nasal speculum is made of ABS, sterilized by ETO, individual PE bag or blister paper bag pack.


Cat. No. Description  
100201 Nasal Speculum, PE Bag Pack  
100202 Nasal Speculum, Blister Paper Bag Pack  


A nasal speculum is a medical instrument used by healthcare professionals to widen the nostril for better visualization and examination of the nasal passages. It consists of two blades that can be adjusted to gently separate the nostrils, allowing the healthcare provider to view the interior of the nose and perform various medical procedures.


Key features and considerations regarding nasal speculums:


Nasal speculums typically have a simple, scissor-like design with two blades that can be opened and closed by squeezing the handles. The blades are often curved or angled to fit comfortably inside the nostrils.


Nasal speculums are commonly made of stainless steel, which is durable, easy to clean, and can withstand sterilization procedures.


The blades of the nasal speculum are adjustable to allow for varying degrees of separation. This adjustment is useful for accommodating different anatomies and facilitating better visualization.

Locking Mechanism:

Some nasal speculums have a locking mechanism to maintain the desired degree of separation during the examination or procedure.

Disposable vs. Reusable:

Nasal speculums can be either disposable or reusable. Disposable speculums are discarded after a single use, while reusable ones are sterilized between uses.

Use in Medical Procedures:

Nasal speculums are commonly used during nasal examinations, diagnostic procedures, and minor nasal surgeries. They provide access for healthcare professionals to assess the nasal mucosa, look for abnormalities, or perform interventions.

Nasal Packing:

In some cases, nasal speculums may be used to hold nasal packing material in place after certain nasal procedures or surgeries.

Nasal Endoscopy:

Nasal speculums are often used in conjunction with nasal endoscopes to facilitate nasal endoscopy, allowing for a more detailed examination of the nasal cavity.

Patient Comfort:

Healthcare providers should use the nasal speculum gently to minimize patient discomfort. Lubricating the speculum with a water-soluble gel may enhance patient comfort during insertion.

Cleaning and Sterilization:

If reusable, nasal speculums should be properly cleaned and sterilized between uses to prevent the risk of infection.

Nasal speculums are commonly employed by ear, nose, and throat (ENT) specialists, as well as general practitioners, during routine examinations or procedures related to the nasal passages. The proper and gentle use of the speculum is essential to ensure patient comfort and accurate diagnostic information.


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