Medical Oxygen Tank Connection Head

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Model Number: NH-13141

Brand: Niche Healthcare

Made of medical grade PVC,Oxygen tube connector.


The Medical Oxygen Tank Connection Head, also known as a regulator or flowmeter, is a crucial component in the administration of medical oxygen. This device regulates the flow of oxygen from the compressed gas cylinder to meet the prescribed oxygen therapy requirements. Here are several healthcare benefits associated with the use of a Medical Oxygen Tank Connection Head in the National Health Service (NHS) and similar healthcare settings:

  1. Precise Oxygen Delivery: The connection head allows healthcare providers to precisely control and adjust the flow rate of oxygen delivered to patients. This precision is crucial in tailoring oxygen therapy to meet individual patient needs.

  2. Customization for Different Patient Needs: The regulator or flowmeter is adaptable to various oxygen delivery devices, including nasal cannulas, oxygen masks, and high-flow systems. This allows healthcare providers to customize oxygen therapy based on the patient’s condition and requirements.

  3. Patient Comfort: Regulating the oxygen flow ensures that patients receive the prescribed amount of oxygen comfortably. Proper oxygen delivery is essential for maintaining adequate oxygenation without causing discomfort or respiratory distress.

  4. Management of Respiratory Conditions: The regulated flow of medical oxygen is fundamental in managing various respiratory conditions, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), pneumonia, and respiratory failure. Oxygen therapy supports patients with compromised respiratory function.

  5. Emergency Oxygen Administration: The Medical Oxygen Tank Connection Head is crucial for emergency situations, allowing healthcare providers to quickly and efficiently administer high-flow oxygen when patients experience respiratory distress or during resuscitation efforts.

  6. Postoperative Oxygen Therapy: After surgical procedures, patients may require oxygen therapy for respiratory support during the recovery period. The regulated oxygen flow ensures the delivery of the appropriate amount of oxygen for optimal postoperative care.

  7. Treatment of Hypoxemia: Oxygen therapy is essential for treating hypoxemia, a condition characterized by low oxygen levels in the blood. The regulated flow of oxygen helps address oxygen deficiencies and improve oxygen saturation in patients.

  8. Prevention of Hypoxia: Regulated oxygen administration helps prevent hypoxia, a condition where the body is deprived of adequate oxygen. Hypoxia can lead to organ dysfunction and is a critical concern in various medical situations.

  9. Inhalation Therapy: The connection head is used in conjunction with nebulizers and other inhalation devices for delivering aerosolized medications. This is important for patients with respiratory conditions requiring medication delivery directly to the lungs.

  10. Home Oxygen Therapy: Patients receiving oxygen therapy at home benefit from the regulated flow provided by the connection head. This ensures consistent and appropriate oxygen delivery for individuals with chronic respiratory conditions.

  11. Support for Critical Care: In critical care settings, the precise control of oxygen flow is crucial for patients on mechanical ventilation or high-flow oxygen therapy. This supports respiratory management in critically ill patients.

  12. Reduction of Oxygen Waste: The regulated flow of oxygen helps minimize waste by ensuring that only the required amount of oxygen is delivered to the patient. This is important for efficient resource utilization.

  13. Compliance with Oxygen Prescriptions: The connection head allows healthcare providers to adhere to prescribed oxygen flow rates, ensuring that patients receive the correct therapy as ordered by their healthcare team.

  14. Facilitation of Transport: Portable oxygen tanks with connection heads facilitate the transport of oxygen-dependent patients within healthcare facilities or during ambulance transfers.

In summary, the Medical Oxygen Tank Connection Head is a critical component in the delivery of oxygen therapy, providing precise control over oxygen flow rates. Its use contributes to the effective management of various respiratory conditions, emergency situations, and postoperative care, promoting patient comfort and safety in healthcare settings like the NHS.


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NH-13141 Medical Oxygen Tank Connection Head 1000


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