Medical Plastic Gallipot

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Model Number: NH-9876544

Brand: Niche Healthcare

The plastic gallipot made of medical grade PP.
60ml, 100ml, 120mlare available.
All shape and colour can be customized.
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A plastic gallipot is a container or vessel made of plastic that is designed for holding and storing various substances. The term “gallipot” historically refers to a small pot or jar used in pharmacies and medical settings to hold ointments, salves, or other medicinal compounds. These pots were typically made of ceramic or glass.

In modern contexts, plastic gallipots serve a similar purpose but are made from durable and lightweight plastic materials instead. They are often used in healthcare settings for the storage of creams, ointments, and other medical supplies. Plastic gallipots are preferred in some situations due to their affordability, ease of handling, and resistance to breakage.

The design of a plastic gallipot typically includes a wide mouth for easy access, a secure lid to prevent contamination, and graduated markings for accurate measurement of substances. These containers are commonly used in hospitals, clinics, laboratories, and other healthcare facilities.

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