Multi-Use Micro Applicators

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Model Number: NH-45732

Brand: Niche Healthcare

These high quality micro brushes are clean ,handy, durable & efficient.

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Micro Applicators 
These high quality micro brushes are clean ,handy, durable& efficient.
Disposable Micro Brush Applicator is one multipurpose tools perfect for latisse, eyelash extension removal, dental use, nail art, painting, crafting projects, cleaning small gap, etc
Micro brush handle can be broken to adjust the length. Tips can be bend into any angle ,so getting into small places is a breeze now.
It has 4 different colours with 4 different sizes brush tip ends ,quite handy.
Product name: Micro Brush Applicator
Tips Diameter:
Regular size (Blue):0.25cm/0.1inch;
Fine size (Green) :0.2cm/0.08inch;
Ultrafine size (Purple) :0.15cm/0.06inch;
Cylinder size (White) :0.12cm/0.04inch.


A dental microbrush is a small disposable applicator used in dental procedures for applying various dental materials precisely. Here are some key features and uses:

  1. Design: Dental microbrushes typically consist of a plastic handle with a small, non-absorbent, and lint-free tip at one end. The tip is often made of soft, non-woven fibers arranged in a brush-like shape.
  2. Precision application: The fine tip of the microbrush allows for precise application of dental materials, such as adhesives, etchants, sealants, bonding agents, and cavity liners, in hard-to-reach areas of the mouth.
  3. Controlled dispensing: Microbrushes are designed to hold and dispense a controlled amount of material, minimizing waste and ensuring accurate placement of the dental product.
  4. Reduced cross-contamination: Microbrushes are disposable, meaning they are used once and then discarded. This helps reduce the risk of cross-contamination between patients and maintains a sterile environment during dental procedures.
  5. Versatility: Dental microbrushes come in various sizes (e.g., fine, regular, super fine) to accommodate different application needs and preferences. They can also be bent or trimmed to suit specific requirements, making them versatile tools in dental practice.
  6. Adhesive application: Microbrushes are commonly used in orthodontic procedures for applying adhesive to brackets or bands before bonding them to the teeth. The fine tip allows for precise placement of adhesive, ensuring optimal bonding strength and reducing the risk of excess adhesive around the brackets.

Overall, dental microbrushes are essential tools in dental practice, facilitating precise and controlled application of dental materials for various procedures, including restorative, preventive, and orthodontic treatments.


Dental Infographic

Dental Infographic

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