Micro Blood Collection Tube

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Model Number: NH-73560

Brand: Niche Healthcare

Micro blood collection tubes, also known as microtainers or capillary blood collection tubes, are small tubes used for collecting small volumes of blood for diagnostic testing.


Micro blood collection tube is mainly use for peripheral blood collection ,it is specially suitable for small children and geriatric patient. The inner surface has an excellent hemorepellency where it is necessary for a good preparation of high quality blood samples.

Material: medical grade PP
Tube Size: Ø10x45mm
Type: Micro Blood Collection Tube
Packages:100pcs/tray , 3000pcs/ctn


Micro blood collection tubes, also known as microtainers or capillary blood collection tubes, are small tubes used for collecting small volumes of blood for diagnostic testing. These tubes are designed to be used with capillary blood samples, which are obtained by pricking the skin with a lancet and collecting a small amount of blood through capillary action. Micro blood collection tubes are commonly used in point-of-care testing, paediatrics, and situations where only a small amount of blood is needed.

Here are some key features and considerations for micro blood collection tubes:


Micro blood collection tubes are smaller in size compared to traditional venous blood collection tubes. They typically hold a few hundred microliters of blood.

Colour Coding:

Similar to larger blood collection tubes, micro tubes often come with color-coded tops to indicate the type of additive present in the tube. Different additives serve various purposes, such as preventing blood clotting or stabilizing certain analytes.


Depending on the intended use, micro blood collection tubes may contain additives to preserve the integrity of the blood sample. Common additives include anticoagulants (e.g., EDTA, heparin) or clot activators.

Cap Design:

The caps of micro blood collection tubes are designed to prevent leakage and ensure the stability of the collected blood sample. Some caps may have additional features, such as mixing beads for thorough sample mixing.


Micro blood collection tubes are used for a variety of tests, including blood glucose monitoring, haemoglobin analysis, and other point-of-care diagnostic tests.

Paediatric Use:

Microtainers are often preferred for paediatric blood collection because they require smaller sample volumes, reducing the stress and discomfort for the patient.

Compatibility with Analysers:

Micro blood collection tubes are often compatible with various blood analysers, allowing for efficient and automated processing of samples.

When using micro blood collection tubes, it’s crucial to follow standard blood collection procedures, ensure proper sample mixing if required, and use the appropriate tubes for the specific tests being conducted. As with any laboratory or medical procedure, adherence to safety protocols and guidelines is essential.


Everyday laboratory medical equipment.

Everyday laboratory medical equipment.


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