Micro Haematocrit Tubes

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Model Number: NH-75512

Brand: Niche Healthcare

Micro Haematocrit Glass Capillary Tube
Designed for safe blood collection, as well as accurate micro-haematocrit determinations.
Our micro-haematocrit capillary tubes are made of glass and are available in different lengths and diameters. The standard length is 75 mm. The standard inside diameter is 1.1-1.2 mm and the standard outside diameter is 1.5-1.6 mm. 100 capillaries are packed in vials. The capillaries are available without heparin and sodium-heparinized. The tubes are supplied fire polished at the color-coded end, Supplied with color-coding on the packaging and on the tubes in plain (blue colour), or with uniform sodium heparinization (red colour)
1).Haematocrit capillary tubes without heparin, blue tip
2).Haematocrit capillary tubes with sodium heparin 80IU/mL, red tip


Micro haematocrit tubes, also known as capillary tubes, are small, narrow tubes used in haematocrit testing to measure the volume percentage of red blood cells in a blood sample. Haematocrit is an important parameter in assessing a person’s blood composition and can provide valuable information about conditions such as anaemia or polycythaemia. These tubes are commonly used in clinical laboratories and point-of-care settings. Here are some key features and information about micro haematocrit tubes:

Material and Size:

Micro haematocrit tubes are typically made of glass or plastic.

They are very narrow tubes with a standard length, usually around 75 mm (millimetres).

The inner diameter of the tubes is standardized to ensure accurate and consistent results.

Collection Process:

Blood is usually collected using a capillary tube, which is a small glass or plastic tube with one sealed end and one open end.

The open end of the tube is touched to a blood drop at a specific site, and capillary action draws the blood into the tube.


Some micro haematocrit tubes may contain an anticoagulant, such as heparin, to prevent blood clotting during the testing process.


After blood collection, the tubes are placed in a centrifuge. The centrifuge spins the tubes at high speeds, causing the blood components to separate based on their density.

Red blood cells settle to the bottom of the tube, and the plasma (or serum) rises to the top.

Reading the Haematocrit:

The haematocrit is determined by measuring the length of the red blood cell column in relation to the total length of the blood column in the tube.

The results are expressed as a percentage.

Disposable and Single-Use:

Micro haematocrit tubes are often designed for single-use to prevent cross-contamination between samples.

Some tubes may be disposable and come pre-packaged in a container.

Color-Coded Ends:

The ends of micro haematocrit tubes may be color-coded for easy identification, especially when dealing with tubes containing different additives or anticoagulants.

Micro haematocrit tubes are essential tools in clinical laboratories for obtaining accurate haematocrit measurements. Proper handling and adherence to laboratory protocols are crucial to ensure reliable results in blood analysis.

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