Microscope Handle Cover

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Model Number: NH-72030

Brand: Niche Healthcare

Microscope Handle Cover creates a sterile barrier between the microscope and user.
  • Dual Pack
  • Velcro Straps for easy application
  • Sterile and Single Use
  • Fits all Zeiss and Leica Microscopes
  • Ideal for Plastic and ENT procedures
  • Size 15x 35 cm.


A “Microscope Handle Cover” is a protective cover designed to be placed over the handle or grip of a microscope. While not an exhaustive list, here are some potential benefits associated with the use of microscope handle covers in a healthcare environment:

  1. Infection Control: Microscope handle covers can act as a barrier, helping to prevent the direct contact of healthcare professionals with potentially contaminated surfaces. This is particularly important in healthcare settings to minimize the risk of cross-contamination and the spread of infections.

  2. User Comfort: The covers can enhance user comfort by providing a soft and cushioned surface to grip. This is especially beneficial during long periods of microscope use, reducing hand fatigue and discomfort for healthcare professionals.

  3. Easy Cleaning and Disinfection: Microscope handle covers are often designed to be easily removed and replaced, allowing for quick cleaning and disinfection between uses. This contributes to maintaining a clean and hygienic environment in laboratories and clinical settings.

  4. Prevention of Surface Damage: The cover can act as a protective layer, preventing the microscope handle from scratches, abrasions, or damage. This is particularly relevant in laboratories where delicate equipment is used, ensuring the longevity of the microscope.

  5. Color Coding for Identification: Some microscope handle covers come in different colors, enabling color coding for easy identification. This can be useful in distinguishing between microscopes dedicated to specific tasks, instruments used in different areas, or for organizing equipment in a shared workspace.

  6. Quick Replacement: The covers are often designed for easy and quick replacement when necessary. This facilitates efficient maintenance and ensures that a clean cover is readily available for each microscope, especially in high-throughput laboratory environments.

  7. Compatibility with Various Microscope Models: Microscope handle covers are typically designed to be compatible with a variety of microscope models and handle shapes. This versatility allows healthcare facilities to use them across different types of microscopes.

  8. Enhanced Grip: The covers may provide an enhanced grip, reducing the likelihood of accidental slips or drops during microscope operation. This is particularly important when working with delicate or valuable specimens.

  9. Contribution to Aseptic Techniques: In clinical and laboratory settings where aseptic techniques are crucial, microscope handle covers contribute to maintaining cleanliness and preventing the introduction of contaminants during microscopic examinations.

  10. Professional Appearance: The use of handle covers can contribute to a professional and organized appearance in healthcare environments. This attention to detail reflects a commitment to cleanliness and hygiene in laboratory or clinical settings.

It’s important to note that the specific benefits may vary based on the design and material of the microscope handle cover. Additionally, regular cleaning and replacement of the covers are essential to ensure their effectiveness in maintaining a clean and safe environment.


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Qty/Case (pcs)
Microscope handle cover 15x35cm



Latex free rubber bands in Hospital

Latex free rubber bands in Hospital


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