Mild Steel Cart (with a IV pole)

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Model Number: NH-07608

Brand: Niche Healthcare


Feature & Benefits

Important Quality Control
– High-quality 1mm cold rolled steel
– High-quality aluminum alloy column
– Bumper at the bottom
– Four small drawers and one big drawer with aluminum alloy handles
– With a plastic trash can and a sharp container
– Stainless steel side rail on the counter top
– 4″ luxrury silent covered castors
– With a stainless steel IV pole

Technical Parameters

Size (LxWxH) 670x450x(880-960)mm


The use of Mild Steel Carts with an IV pole in the NHS offers several healthcare benefits, enhancing the efficiency, safety, and quality of patient care. Here are the key benefits:

1. Enhanced Mobility and Accessibility

  • Ease of Transport: Mild steel carts are typically equipped with wheels, making them easy to move between different areas such as patient rooms, treatment areas, and emergency departments. This ensures that necessary medical supplies and equipment are always within reach.
  • Integrated IV Pole: The inclusion of an IV pole allows for the convenient transportation and administration of intravenous fluids and medications, improving patient care efficiency.

2. Improved Organization and Storage

  • Structured Storage: These carts often feature multiple compartments, drawers, and shelves, allowing for the organized storage of medical supplies, instruments, and medications. This ensures that healthcare professionals can quickly locate and retrieve necessary items.
  • Space Optimization: The design of these carts helps optimize the use of space in clinical areas, keeping the environment tidy and free of clutter.

3. Increased Efficiency and Time Savings

  • Streamlined Workflow: By having all necessary supplies and equipment in one mobile unit, healthcare providers can streamline their workflow, reducing the time spent gathering items from different locations. This leads to more efficient operations and allows healthcare professionals to focus more on patient care.
  • Prompt Response: The immediate availability of supplies and the integrated IV pole ensures quick response times during treatments and procedures, improving overall patient care and outcomes.

4. Enhanced Safety and Compliance

  • Sturdy Construction: Mild steel carts are strong and stable, capable of securely holding medical supplies and equipment without the risk of tipping over. This enhances safety during use.
  • Compliance with Standards: These carts are designed to meet healthcare regulations and standards, ensuring they comply with safety and quality guidelines, promoting a safer environment for both patients and healthcare workers.

5. Cost-Effectiveness

  • Durability: Mild steel is a robust material that ensures the cart can withstand frequent use in a busy healthcare environment. This reduces the need for frequent replacements, offering a cost-effective solution over time.
  • Reduced Waste: The organized storage system helps minimize wastage of medical supplies and medications, leading to cost savings.

6. Improved Patient Care

  • Timely Treatment Delivery: The quick and efficient access to medical supplies and the integrated IV pole ensures timely administration of treatments and intravenous therapy, which is crucial for patient recovery and comfort.
  • Enhanced Patient Interaction: By bringing necessary supplies and equipment directly to the patient’s bedside, healthcare providers can spend more time interacting with patients, addressing their concerns, and improving overall patient satisfaction.

7. Versatility and Flexibility

  • Adaptability: These carts can be used in various healthcare settings, including general wards, emergency rooms, and intensive care units, providing a versatile solution for different medical needs.
  • Multiple Uses: Beyond holding IV fluids, these carts can carry a range of medical supplies, making them multipurpose tools in a healthcare setting.


Mild steel carts with an IV pole provide significant benefits in the NHS by enhancing mobility, organization, efficiency, and safety in healthcare delivery. Their robust design, integrated IV pole, and structured storage contribute to better patient care and operational efficiency in healthcare settings.



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