Orthodontic Molar Brackets

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Model Number: NH-77654

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Molar brackets, also known as band brackets or molar bands, are orthodontic appliances used in dental braces treatment. Here’s an overview of what they are and their purpose:

  • Placement: Molar brackets are specifically designed to attach to the molars, which are the large, flat teeth at the back of the mouth. Unlike brackets used on other teeth, molar brackets are typically not directly bonded to the tooth surface but are instead attached to metal bands that encircle the molars.
  • Support: Molar brackets provide support for the archwire, which is the main component of braces that applies pressure to the teeth to gradually move them into the desired position. The archwire is threaded through slots in the brackets, and adjustments are made periodically to achieve the desired tooth alignment.
  • Anchorage: Molar brackets play a crucial role in providing anchorage for the braces system. Since molars have multiple roots and are firmly anchored in the jawbone, they serve as stable anchor points for the orthodontic forces exerted by the braces. This anchorage helps to control the movement of other teeth and ensure proper alignment of the entire dental arch.
  • Customization: Molar brackets come in various sizes and designs to accommodate different tooth shapes and archwire configurations. They are often made of stainless steel or ceramic materials, with ceramic brackets being less noticeable for aesthetic reasons.
  • Adjustments: During the course of orthodontic treatment, molar brackets may require adjustments or replacement as the teeth gradually move into their desired positions. Orthodontists carefully monitor the progress of treatment and make necessary modifications to ensure optimal results.

Overall, molar brackets are essential components of braces treatment, providing support, anchorage, and stability to facilitate the movement and alignment of teeth for improved oral health and aesthetics.


Dental Infographic

Dental Infographic.


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