Multifunctional Air Mattress

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Model Number: NH-98346

Brand: Niche Healthcare

  • Nylon TPU air cells, welded stretch PU cover, zipper around, tarpaulin/nylon PU bottom
  • Water resistance, corrosion resistance, mould-resistant characteristics, fire-proof coating
  • 5” Air cells with 3” foam pocket can help reduce the production of bedsore and bring more comfort
  • Able to better handle emergency situations with double CPR
  • Visual and audible alarms for patient safety
  • AB or ABC alternating option
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Technical parameters(mattress)

Standard size   80″*32*36″

Top cover            Nylon pu/strength

Air cells               Nylon/pvc/tpu

Bottom Tarpaulin/nylon         pu

Mattress weight              5.5-7kg

Weight capacity              135-145kg


A multifunctional air mattress is a specialized medical mattress that serves various purposes, often combining features to address different healthcare needs. These mattresses are commonly used in healthcare settings, such as hospitals, long-term care facilities, and home care environments. Here are some key features and functionalities often associated with multifunctional air mattresses:

  • Pressure Redistribution: Like other medical air mattresses, multifunctional air mattresses are designed to redistribute pressure over the surface, helping to prevent the development of pressure ulcers in bedridden individuals.
  • Alternating Pressure: Many multifunctional air mattresses feature an alternating pressure system. This means that different air cells or sections of the mattress inflate and deflate in a cyclical pattern, changing the points of contact with the patient’s body and promoting blood circulation.
  • Low-Air-Loss System: Some models incorporate a low-air-loss system, allowing air to flow through the mattress. This helps maintain a dry and comfortable environment, reducing the risk of moisture-related skin issues.
  • Pulsation Mode: Certain multifunctional mattresses offer a pulsation mode, which involves a gentle rhythmic inflation and deflation of air cells. This mode may help improve blood flow and reduce tissue stiffness.
  • CPR Quick Deflation: In case of a medical emergency requiring CPR, these mattresses are equipped with a CPR quick deflation feature. This allows caregivers or healthcare providers to rapidly deflate the mattress for immediate access to the patient’s chest.
  • Adjustable Firmness: The firmness of the mattress is often adjustable, allowing healthcare professionals to customize the level of support based on the individual patient’s needs and condition.
  • Temperature Regulation: Some multifunctional air mattresses include features for temperature regulation, helping to create a comfortable sleeping surface for the patient.
  • Battery Backup: To ensure continuous functionality during power outages or when the mattress needs to be moved, many models come with a battery backup system.
  • Customizable Settings: These mattresses typically have customizable settings that can be adjusted based on the patient’s weight, condition, and comfort preferences.
  • Remote Control or Control Unit: Multifunctional air mattresses are usually controlled by a separate unit or remote control, allowing caregivers to monitor and adjust settings easily.

It’s important to note that the use of multifunctional air mattresses often requires training for healthcare professionals to ensure proper setup and usage. The selection of a specific mattress is based on the individual patient’s needs, medical condition, and the recommendations of healthcare providers.


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