Nebulizer Mask with Luer Lock

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Model Number: NH-546422

Brand: Niche Healthcare

Under-the-chin design for excellent fit on wide range of face sizes.
Nebulizer mask is transparent, clear, soft PVC for patient comfort.
Adjustable nose clip assures comfortable fit (mask without nose clip is also available).
Specifically design for aerosol therapy.
Complete with 7-ft. anti-crush oxygen tube.
Accepts 22mm I.D. aerosol tubing.
Equipped with 6ml or 20ml nebulizer.
With Luer Lock connector.


Cat. No. Description Qty/Case (Pcs)
130706 Adult, XL 100
130707 Adult, L 100
130708 Child, M 100
130709 Paediatric, S 100
130710 Neonate, XS 100


A nebulizer mask with a Luer lock is a specific type of nebulizer mask that includes a Luer lock connector. The Luer lock is a standardized system for ensuring a secure and leak-proof connection between medical devices. In the context of a nebulizer mask, the Luer lock is used to attach the mask securely to the nebulizer tubing.

Here are the key components and features of a nebulizer mask with Luer lock:

Mask: The nebulizer mask is designed to cover the nose and mouth of the patient, providing a sealed space for the inhalation of nebulized medication.

Luer Lock Connector: The Luer lock is a specific type of connector that consists of a male and female component with threads. The threads allow for a secure and tight connection between the mask and the nebulizer tubing, preventing accidental disconnection during use.

Tubing: The nebulizer mask is connected to the nebulizer machine or compressor through tubing. The Luer lock connector ensures a reliable connection between the mask and the tubing, allowing for the delivery of aerosolized medication.

Luer Lock Mechanism: The Luer lock mechanism involves twisting the male and female components together to create a tight seal. This design is commonly used in medical devices to prevent leaks and ensure a secure connection.

The Luer lock feature is particularly useful in preventing accidental disconnections during nebulizer treatments, ensuring that the aerosolized medication is delivered consistently to the patient. It is an essential safety measure, especially when patients, such as children, may move or be less cooperative during the administration of nebulized medications.

When using a nebulizer mask with Luer lock, healthcare providers or caregivers should follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper assembly and use. Regular cleaning and maintenance of the nebulizer mask and tubing are essential to ensure hygiene and optimal functioning.

It’s worth noting that while Luer lock connectors are commonly used in medical settings, there may be variations in design and compatibility. Ensuring that the nebulizer mask and tubing are compatible with each other is crucial to maintain the effectiveness of the nebulizer therapy.


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