Nebulizer Replacement Kit

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Model Number: NH-846391

Brand: Niche Healthcare



Nebulizer replacement kit contains air tubing, mouthpiece, elbow adapter and nasal prong. Contact us to customise the kit.
Cat No.
Nebulizer cup, air tubing, mouthpiece
Nebulizer cup, air tubing, direct-connecting face mask
Nebulizer cup, air tubing, direct-connecting face mask, mouthpiece
Nebulizer cup, air tubing, elbow adapter, adapter-connecting face mask
Nebulizer cup, air tubing, elbow adapter, adapter-connecting face mask, mouthpiece
Nebulizer cup, air tubing, mouthpiece, nasal prong


A nebulizer replacement kit, also known as a nebulizer kit or nebulizer set, is a collection of components that work together to deliver medication in aerosolized form to patients with respiratory conditions. Nebulizer replacement kits are used with nebulizer machines to administer medications such as bronchodilators, corticosteroids, or other respiratory medications. These kits typically include the following components:

Nebulizer Cup: The nebulizer cup is a small container where the liquid medication is placed. The nebulizer machine converts the liquid into a fine mist or aerosol, making it easier for the patient to inhale.

Mouthpiece or Mask: The nebulizer kit may include a mouthpiece or mask, depending on the patient’s age and preference. The mouthpiece is used by older children and adults, while a mask is often used for infants and younger children or individuals who have difficulty using a mouthpiece.

Tubing: The kit includes tubing that connects the nebulizer cup to the nebulizer machine. This tubing carries the aerosolized medication from the nebulizer to the patient.

Tee Piece or T-Adapter (Optional): Some nebulizer kits may include a tee piece or T-adapter. This component allows for the connection of additional accessories, such as a nose clip for nose breathing or an additional mask for simultaneous use by two people.

Air Filters: Many nebulizer kits come with air filters that help ensure the air entering the nebulizer is clean and free of contaminants. It’s important to replace these filters regularly to maintain the nebulizer’s efficiency.

Reservoir Tube (Optional): Some nebulizer kits may include a reservoir tube, which is a longer piece of tubing that can be helpful in situations where the patient needs to move around during the treatment.

It’s crucial to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for replacing and cleaning nebulizer components to maintain proper functionality and hygiene. Regular replacement of parts helps prevent bacterial growth and ensures the effective delivery of medication.


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