Niche Infant Heel Warmers

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Brand Name: Niche Healthcare
Model Number: NH-54774

Niche Infant Heel Warmers are easy to use, wrapping around the infants heel they warm the local area and significantly improve blood circulation at the infant’s heels, consequently making the skin warm, soft, and moist. This favourable skin texture reduces trauma and pain from the Heel Prick Test to the barest minimum. With the added benefit of adequate blood circulation enabling quick and efficient wound healing. When they’re activated, the rise in temperature is quick, but the effect is localised, so there’d be little risk of increasing the baby’s overall body temperature and an increase of quality blood samples.

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Feature & Benefits

  • Quality of care – Niche Infant Heel Warmers provide the level of care that must be given to infants, making blood tests quick and painless experiences for babies.
  • Protection – Using these Niche Infant Heel Warmers, preventing multiple pricks of infant heels which minimises potential bruising and infections, as well as cartilage damage that can be caused by the heel sticks typically used for blood draws.
  • Prevents – Excessive sampling consequently decreasing the risk of anaemia in infants as an iatrogenic complication.
  • Comfort – The warmers have a wrap-around design that conforms to the baby’s heel, alleviating discomfort and allowing for effortless blood sampling.
  • Convenient design – Each warmer has an easy-peel adhesive that secures it to the baby’s heel, plus a simple tear-away strap to allow for hassle-free removal.
  • Safe and reliable – These heel warmers are made with non-toxic sodium acetate (food grade gel).

Specification Sheet

Infant Heel Warmers Specification Sheet