Neonatal Jaundice Phototherapy Equipment

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Model Number: NH-43047

Brand: Niche Healthcare

Physical parameters:

  • Light source box dimension: 16cm(W) x 22cm(D) x 16cm(H)
  • Fiber-optic blanket face size (large blanket): 19cm(W) x 42cm(L)
  • Fiber-optic blanket face size (small blanket): 14cm(W) x 34cm(L)
  • Total weight of light box: ≤2.0 Kg
  • Total length of fiber-optic blanket overall: 180cm±5cm


Standard configuration:

  • 1pc light source equipment
  • 1pc fiber-optic blanket, S/L
  • 4pcs blanket cover


Configuration can be customized.


It is designed to be used in any environment such as NICU, Baby Nursery Center or at home as an excellent treatment solution for newborns with indirect hyperbilirubinemia (usually called Neonatal Jaundice).

Narrow-band LED light: Light source main wavelength range: 430-470 nm.

High Spectral Irradiance: Total bilirubin total irradiance ≥ 30 μW/cm2/nm.

Increased Surface Area: Large enough effective area of radiation.

Infant-parent Bonding: The blue LED light emits from the back of the infant. The infant skin directly contacts with the irradiated surface to allow the parents or caregivers to hold the swaddled or covered baby with blanket throughout the whole therapeutic process.

It is placed underneath the newborns, which is directly contact to the infant skin, to deliver intensive phototherapy through high power & narrow-band blue LED source and fiber-optic blanket. Allow repeated intermittent treatment to improve the therapeutic effect. Blue LED is cold light source, which is no damage to the infant skin. It can be applied in conjunction with the radiant warmer, incubator, and infant bed for the synchronous treatment, without any interference.

For further information, please review our Neonate Bilirubin Phototherapy Equipment Spec Sheet – LINK.


operation and use

operation and use




BD Biliblanket Phototherapy & Accessories Instruction Video


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