New Micro Blood Collection Tube

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Model Number: NH-35379

Brand: Niche Healthcare 

Micro tubes are commonly used for collecting small blood volumes from infants and children, where obtaining larger samples can be challenging.


This tube is a newly designed for micro blood collection tube. 
Skirted tube with false bottom to make a full-size blood collection tube, with dimensions as 13 X 75mm; Compatible with automated haematology analysers without the need for a tube adapter.
Used for paediatric & finger-prick blood sample collections.
  • Smooth and round design on tube mouth, which can be used to collection tip blood sample smoothly.
  • Barcode management, Enough space left to observe blood collection volume after barcode pasted. It can be connected to the informational data system easily.
  • V bottom for easier collection and absorbing of blood sample.
  • lengthened Tube body is customized for automatic inspection of blood analyser, It can be put in test tube rack, easily for specimen management in labs.
  • It can be adapted to: All manual loading analyser, Including: Mindary 5100,5300,5800,6800. NIHON KOHDEN 7222, 8222 analyser, SYSMEX XS500i, XS800i, 1800, 2100. It can be loaded directly in: XS1000i, 900i, XNB2, XNB4 model of SYSMEX analyser.
  • Applicable for many automatic CRP machines.
  • It is available in EO/Gamma sterile or non sterile.
Paediatric Blood Withdrawal
  • Paediatric and Neonatal Blood Draws: Micro tubes are commonly used for collecting small blood volumes from infants and children, where obtaining larger samples can be challenging.
  • Point-of-Care Testing: Micro blood collection tubes are suitable for point-of-care testing, where rapid results are needed, and only a small amount of blood is available.
  • Specialized Diagnostic Tests: Certain laboratory tests, especially those requiring a minimal amount of blood, benefit from the use of micro tubes.
  • Research and Clinical Trials: In research settings or clinical trials where small blood volumes are collected from participants, micro tubes may be preferred.
  • Blood Glucose Monitoring: Micro tubes may be used in conjunction with capillary blood collection for glucose monitoring in diabetes management.
  • Remote or Field Collection: Micro tubes are convenient for remote or field collection where immediate processing of blood samples may not be possible.

It’s important to follow proper blood collection procedures and use the appropriate micro blood collection tubes for specific tests to ensure accurate and reliable results. Additionally, the tubes must be handled and transported according to guidelines to maintain sample quality.


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