Niche Heel Stick Safety Lancet (Green – SCBU)

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Brand Description: Niche Healthcare

Model Number : NH-54779

Our Niche Heel Stick Safety Lancets are used to collect capillary blood samples to test if neonates have rare but serious congenital conditions, such as sickle cell disease, cystic fibrosis, congenital hypothyroidism and inherited metabolic diseases. Blood samples are taken from the heel.



100 in stock


Colour Specification Package
Green 0.65×1.5mm 50 pcs/box, 20 boxes/carton (or per customer request)
White 0.85×1.85mm 50 pcs/box, 20 boxes/carton (or per customer request)
Yellow 1.0×2.5mm 50 pcs/box, 20 boxes/carton (or per customer request)
Pink 1.5×2.8mm 50 pcs/box, 20 boxes/carton (or per customer request)


Features & Benefits

  • Our Niche Heel Stick Safety Lancet helps to reduce severe complications such as osteomyelitis.
  • Niche lancet – Low pain level.
  • Improved blood spot taking with our Niche Infant Heel Warmers.
  • Avoids the penetration of deep dermal pain fibres.
  • Our innovation technology range has easy grip technology, resulting in improved sampling first time.


What are Niche Heel Stick Safety Lancets used for?

The heel-stick method for drawing capillary blood is the most common way to draw new-borns’ blood. It is used to collect blood for new-born screening tests, usually before the baby leaves the hospital. The new-born blood spot test involves taking a small sample of your baby’s blood to check it for 9 rare but serious health conditions. When your baby is about 5 days old, a healthcare professional will prick your baby’s heel and collect a few drops of blood on a special card. This is sent off for testing. The heel prick may be uncomfortable, and your baby may cry, but it’s all over very quickly.



Helping your child cope with the Heel Stick test:

  • Help your baby be calm
  • Remain calm
  • Turn down loud noises
  • Talk to your child
  • Offer babies something to suck


Clinical Study:

Further Information:

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Also, available in White (Neonatal), Pink (Paediatrics) and Yellow (Postnatal).

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6 reviews for Niche Heel Stick Safety Lancet (Green – SCBU)

  1. sirmastersteven

    This lancet has made a significant positive impact on the SCBU department. It has improved the overall quality of care, and healthcare workers and parents alike appreciate the dedication to safety and comfort that this product embodies.

  2. jonnydt11

    Very effective product

  3. tinksali2814

    The Niche Heel Stick Safety Lancet has greatly improved the SCBU department, enhancing care quality & earning praise from healthcare workers & parents for its safety & comfort focus.

  4. sarah

    This product is really effective and has helped me a lot when taking NBBS’s for the babies. It is less time-consuming as I’m not having to keep using it again and again when pricking the baby.

  5. greermason44

    The SCBU department has experienced significant improvement with the introduction of the Niche Heel Stick Safety Lancet, elevating the quality of care. Healthcare workers and parents alike commend its emphasis on safety and comfort.

  6. elisexleoni

    effective really good on comfort

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